Tuesday-Evening Plans Derailed

Okay, so having read the short post from yesterday where I’d planned to meet up with a Brit chick whom I picked up yesterday, here’s an update as to what went down yesterday evening.

I went to grab me something to eat around 6:30 PM, burned a little time until I was to hit up the Brit girl around 7:15.

Before I got to doing just that, I got a text from another British girl whom I’ve been hooking up with over the last 2-3 months or so.

She basically wanted to hook up [her texts in white].

At that moment, I was faced with 2 decisions:

1.) Go with the sure pussy (the Brit fuck-buddy)

2.) Bank on the unsure pussy and end up not getting any (the new Brit chick)

Generally, I would roll the dice or gamble on the new girl, simply because it means a new notch if I were to get the lay.

However, I was really horny last night. And the easier bet on getting me some, was quite naturally, to meet up with the girl whom I’d been hooking up with already.

With that, I decided to not contact the new Brit, essentially flaking out on her.

This is arguably 1 of the only times I ever elected to not pursue the new girl for some old poon.

Keep you posted.

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