The Brit Chick…Part III…Wednesday Update

Okay, so after lunch today, I decided to finally contact the Brit chick I picked up yesterday.

I decided to ring her on her temporary local # which she’s using while she’s here until the weekend (I think she leaves on the weekend).

“Ring, Ring, Ring”!

Brit: “Hello”

Me: “Hey what’s up Brit girl. This Kenny from the other day”

Brit: “Hey! You were supposed to buzz me last night”!

Me: “I know. I did call but your line was busy”.

Of course this was a “fib” on my part.

Brit: “You’re kidding. What time was that”?

Me: “7:30 or so”.

Brit: “That’s strange because no one else said they couldn’t reach me”

Me: “Well that was last night. In the past. Let’s talk about later. What are your plans”?

She laughs.

Brit: “I don’t have any for now”.

Me: “Well keep it just like that. I’m gonna come see you later and make up for last night. And this time, if you’re phone is busy, I’m just gonna take it upon myself to come over and crash your little date”.

Brit: “Whateva. I was actually expecting to hang out with you yesterday”.

Anyway guys- long story short- we solidified the rendezvous for later this evening.

Since I only had her local # (her temporary #), she gave me her UK # which she uses on Whatsapp.

I scribbled it down on a piece of paper at work, punched it into my Android contacts then messaged her on Whatsapp. It took me ages to figure out how to enter the correct code for UK numbers.

Our text exchange below from this afternoon.

I’ll keep you guys posted since I’ll be seeing her this evening…hopefully.

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