Thursday Night Field Report: Random Girl At The Crutty Hostel

Thursday noontime, I stepped into my boss’ office to inform her that I was intending to travel to the mainland (or the city), so I would like the rest of the day off, included Friday…with pay.

She consented. I hopped the ferry about 4 PM for the 1 and a half hour voyage to the city for the weekend.

I arrived in the city (off the ferry) after 5 PM, and made my way on foot to the cheap hostel.

As I was checking in, there was another person- a young lady- checking in at the same time.

She had a fuckable body (nice boobs) so I helped her with her bags up the stairs, then picked her up (swapped #’s) while I was at it.

I wasn’t doing this for chivalry purposes by the way (carrying her bags). I wanted to fuck!

Ironically, our rooms were next door to the other. So I hit her up that night (via text) and we texted a bit.

I told her I was gonna go grab a few beers (Wadadli beer) and come to her room and chill.

[My texts in green]

She was down, so I bought a 6-pac and a pizza, got back to the hostel, knocked on her room door, gave her 2 of the beers, went back to my room to eat the pizza, then in 5 minutes time, I entered her room and sat/lie on the bed.

Truth be told (as always); I did not get the lay. I escalated as usual: flirted, caressed her thighs and her boobs, horsed around on the bed and shit, but she kept telling me that her boyfriend was on the way.

As proof, she showed me the text of her BF saying he’s on his way. So logics told me that she didn’t want to fuck because that would have the room reeking of freshly made sex…while her BF was just 10 minutes away. So I made out with her, threw her on the bed (playfully) while cupping her ass cheeks.

She promised to kick her BF out early, so she told me to buzz her after 1 AM to come back to her room after he would’ve left.

Ironically; I fell asleep 😦 .

The next day (Friday morning), she wanted me to come to her door, so I did (almost naked). We flirted around a bit outside in the hallway.

In the screenshot below l, I was telling her that I fell asleep, and she telling me to come to her room door [My texts in green]

The moral of the story is this: Women love these random and sporadic adventures with total strangers. Be that guy to give them that adventurous ride!

These quick snapshots were from the Thursday night as I lie on the bed in her room while she texted her boyfriend.

A random stranger whom I don’t know from a whole in the wall, yet that doesn’t matter to the vast majority of women, once you can present yourself as the type of guy who goes for it.

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