Worried Boyfriend Ruins Attempted Lay [Saturday Night Field Report]

Hey guys, it’s been an intense weekend of game and pickup. 

Okay, so Saturday night, I met up with a girl whom I’d picked up in front of a bank that same day. She directed me to her home, so I decided to take the long ass walk. 

[Her messages in white]

[Her messages in white]

When I got there, I escalated within 5 minutes, getting all romantic by kissing her on her back and shoulders (out on some steps). Then her phone rings. It’s her boyfriend on the other end shouting that a neighbor had told him that she’s outside with some dude…which was me. She made up some kind of lie and told him that it wasn’t her. He called back and told her that he was on his way over. At that point, I was highly pissed that I walked damn near 8 miles with a cup or rum & coke in hand, to then have to leave within 5 minutes over this shit!

The next day (yesterday), she hits me up but I ignored her messages

[Her messages in white]

The reason I was so pissed, apart from the fact that I walked damn near 8-10 miles for nothing, was because I expected her to have handled the BF issues before she asked me to come meet up with her.

So much happened this weekend; this is just the beginning.

2 thoughts on “Worried Boyfriend Ruins Attempted Lay [Saturday Night Field Report]

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  1. Comedyyyyy ! Man I’ve been following your blog for so long but some reason this is the most I’ve laughed at one of your articles !

    8 miles !? Why couldn’t you drive man ? 8 miles walking is a tall task just for some ass man . She must’ve been hot !

    And then the boyfriend calling to ruin it ! He had the neighbor spying on her !? Lol that guy is in trouble and needs to let her go . Beta trying to hold on to her like that . Cus she’s obviously don’t wanna be with him if she’s calling you !!

    Have a good one man !


    1. LOL I don’t drive, so that’s 1 reason why I didn’t. I can drive and I do have license, but this was unplanned. What the girl was expecting me to do is to take the local bus. But I thought she lived in walking distance which is why I walked lol. I’m not familiar with her part of the city. But from the directions she gave me, it sounded close.

      Oh- and definitely- he needs to let her go. This is not GF material…at least not for him. The real reason I left was because he became threatening over the phone. I’m not about to get murdered over some poon lol…so I left immediately


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