Saturday Night Field Report: I Kicked Her A** Out!!!

Ok, so after the 5 minute debacle of a rendezvous with the girl whom I’d picked up earlier that day (Saturday), I made plans on the fly with another girl, but this one was super super DTF.

This 2nd girl however, I picked her up on Facebook a few months back. Since I was in her work area (she does security at a junior-high school), we decided to meet up there.

The screenshots below of her directing me [my messages in blue]

I took this pic while I arrived on the street which she’d directed me to

Ok, so I spotted her in the schoolyard, she comes over and we hugged, chatted for a while (flirted of course).

My intention was to try to bang her on her job but it didn’t quite pan out that way. So we both decided on rendezvousing right after her shifts finishes at 11 PM.

I walked back to the hostel/guest house at which I was staying for the weekend. But on the way, I grabbed a bottle of Strawberry Vodka liqueur.

She messages me @ 11:22 PM telling me she’s leaving her home in 10 minutes [she’d already left work, went home to bathe and change].

Since I am not familiar with this part of town, she was the one working the logistics and the directions on where we would meet.

[My messages in blue]

The designated location we were to meet was in front of a casino: Paradise Casino, picture take by me during the day time.

We made our way back to the cheap hostel, sat on the bed, she opened the strawberry Vodka liqueur and we started to drink (pictured below).

While we drank, I was running my hand up and down her thigh while kissing her across her arms and shoulders.

I made my way onto my knees just to get a better vantage point up her dress while I teased her with licks and kisses planted upon her inner thighs.

She gave little to no LMR (Last Minute Resistance).

Eventually, I went down on her: licked and sucked her small clit while she laid there motionless.

Soon afterwards, I unhooked her bra- fought with it actually- then proceeded to tit-fuck her for a bit.

Okay, so here’s what happened after that in the form of a Facebook status update.

Okay…well…that didn’t last too long. I just kicked this bish out because she refused to give me a blowjob in order to get my dick hard. Listen- my dick doesn’t just get hard by looking @ a woman. It requires way more than that. Just as a girl doesn’t get horny and wett just by merely looking @ a man. I need/want my dick sucked! If it doesn’t happen, my dick refuses to rise to the occasion. Additionally, I’ve slept with so many women that a girl has to bring more to the table than just a sexy body to get me hard. I’m not some sexually pent-up, frustrated dude who’s seeing pussy for the first time so he’s all excited about it. So…with all that being said, my dick didn’t get hard, and the bish refused to suck me, so I got up, turned the lights on, put on my shit and told her to get the fuck out!!!! She looked @ me like I was playing, saying, “really”? Me: “Yes…really”! She sat there for a good 10 minutes in awe, so I reminder her that she has to leave…now! You come to my pad/guest house, after talking all that smack about your blowjob game is awesome, but now you show up, I got my soft dick in your face trying to get it down your mouth and you’re telling me NO!!

That said it all.

Was I pissed?


The least she could’ve done was to suck me for just 2 seconds, and I would’ve had a solid erection! Instead, she chose to fuck around!

That night alone- Saturday night- I missed out on the lay twice: back to back.

Now, some guys will be quick to surmise that I was being a sour-puss, blaming the girl for my inability to get hard.

Yes- I was and I am blaming her!

On an additional note, a contributing factor to my erectile-dysfunction bout (that night) could’ve been alcohol.

I drank the most alcohol that day than I’ve ever drunk in my entire life combined!!!!

More to come!

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