Brief-Insightful Theorization: Why Women Prefer Sex On The Side To Boyfriend Sex (A Must Read For Men)

As of late, I haven’t pontificated on any deep aspect of seduction, relationship or any other aspect of male-female relations. But here’s a pretty insightful one for you which I touched on a few years back.

Side Dick Will Almost Always Trump Boyfriend Dick

A bold-ass declaration indeed; but I’ll explain.

Here’s another bold statement I’ll make, which flies in the face of popular belief: women don’t cheat as means of search for better sex! In other words; women aren’t cheating because sex with the boyfriend isn’t satisfying and pleasurable, nor because he’s lacking in the size department!

Those are urban myths ginned up by some women who don’t even have a clue as to why they do what they do.

This then begs the question: why do women prefer dick on the side to their boyfriend’s dick?

Firstly, I must make it clear that I am not saying that all women “cheat”. I am specifically speaking of the women who do cheat [though I don’t use that term to describe what is known as cheating].

Of the women who do cheat; why do they have a preference for side dick if it isn’t about sex, better sex or bigger cocks?

The thrill!

Yes: the thrill!

That is why women cheat: the trill and the intense head-rush they obtain from the idea of knowing that they’re doing something “wrong”, forbidden, lewd and thrilling.

It isn’t about the sexual intercourse at all!

If anything, the sex on the side is just an amenity or perk thrown into the overall scheme.

Whether the side-dick sex is stellar or sucky; doesn’t fucking matter!

A side dick will never get accused of being awful in bed, no matter if he’s atrociously awful!

The job of the guy on the side isn’t to provide good sex. His role is merely to be an actor in the thriller.

How do I know that sexual performance from the side dude doesn’t matter to a girl who’s cheating?

I’ve been the guy on the side innumerable times! And most of the time, I don’t even bother to give 20% in the performance department. Why is that? Because I know my performance doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

I also know that the so-called cheating girl isn’t going to ditch me as the side dude, just because of my sub-par performance in the sack.

Now, since you now know the reason women prefer side dick to their boyfriend’s- the trill and the adventure of cheating- what can a boyfriend do to minimize the chances of his GF cheating, or to equalize this perception somehow?

Well- he can be equally as thrilling in other ways!

If you haven’t been privy to this yet, I’ll share it now: I have a girlfriend of 7 years. It is an exclusive relationship but I bargained for the rights and okay to date other women.

In any case, how do I keep my girlfriend from not cheating just because she craves a massive head-rush from the idea of forbidden sex on the side?

I give her thrilling times of my own! Hence, there’s no insatiable drive on her part to seek it (thrill) elsewhere!

The head-rush she gets from cheating, I provide my own head-rushing adventures which give her the same sensation of doing something forbidden and lewd.

What do I mean?

For example: role playing!

It is a great way to have your girlfriend experience a massive thrill akin to that of getting dick on the side [role playing]!

The role-playing can even be based on a cheating girlfriend.

Any role playing will do…honestly speaking.

As long as she gets a thrilling time, away from the humdrum and monotonous routine of boyfriend-girlfriend sex.

Listen, the thing is, the average boyfriend gets lulled into a false sense of security once he has successfully nabbed himself a girlfriend.

He becomes lazy, boring and predictable.

Hence, the girlfriend becomes open to the idea of fun/thrill: NOT sex!!!

This isn’t about sex!

It is the lackluster routine that she’s tired of!

Sex on the side is just an ingredient or byproduct of the greater reason!

The guy on the side- not him personally, but the experience- provides her with that spontaneous sensation which she craves, but isn’t getting from her boyfriend because he’s now become dormant and lazy.

As for myself personally, when it comes to role playing [a cheesy term I that hate using by the way], I like to create spontaneous and random scenarios and just have my girlfriend come along on the escapade.

There’s no real need to clue her in since the less she knows, the greater the sensation and the thrill.

I would tell her to meet me down a secluded alley (during an evening). I would be awaiting her with my face concealed with a bandanna. Out of the blue I would swiftly walk up behind her and grab her by the mouth while covering her eyes. I would then blindfold her with the bandanna and lead her as though I was to bound and gag her.

Clearly she would know it’s me (that’s if I open my mouth). But it didn’t really matter if she does or doesn’t.

While dragging her, or leading her, I would take her few yards ahead to an abandon building of sorts, or just a really secluded area in the alley, and fuck her doggy-style position from the back while she’s blindfolded.

Before I left, I would tell her in an exaggerated threatening manner to not turn around until the count of 10.

I would saunter off then ring her cellphone and tell her to meet me on the other side of the alley.

Basically, I would’ve made it seem like they were 2 separate guys independently involved (or un-involved): the guy who had accosted her and fucked her at random. And me, the boyfriend, who’s now taking her home.

I’ve done this with my girlfriend on numerous occasions. And the high she gets from it is just massive!

I also get a massive rush from it!

Additionally, and on a somewhat lighter note, I would tell her to meet me somewhere, and without a word said, I would almost rip her clothes off and fuck her through an alley or back street.

We would also have sex at many random locations outdoors.

All this is upon my initiation…of course. It is up to me to spicen things up, and to give her that trill and excitement!

Leave it up to her- the woman- and none of this would get done with an air of spontaneity if she were the one to initiate these role plays and sporadic sexual encounters.

Okay, so what else?

Sex in forbidden places: rooftops, in someone’s backyard, at work (her job or mines), in a restroom at the restaurant, etc! 😈

You get the damn point, don’t you!?

Give her that thrill! The same thrilling sensational high she gets from fucking another guy behind her boyfriend’s or husband’s back!

Bear in mind that just as the emphasis doesn’t have to be on sexual performance when it comes to the side guy, it doesn’t have to be about your sexual performance with your girlfriend while role playing or doing something really raunchy and spontaneous.

the sex is the least!

The drama and the experience are the most key components to getting your girlfriend off on 1 of these massive highs akin to that of what she experiences while cheating.

All of this also begs the question: “how often”?

“How often should I orchestrate these thrilling moments with my girlfriend or wife”?

Whenever you sense that monotonous routine is setting in, subsequent to fights and arguments.

I liken this to rough-makeup sex after an argument with your girlfriend.

The thrill and endorphinal rush she gets from being manhandled and fucked with aggression, is wickedly addictive for her!

You don’t need to do this every night. Chiefly during fights and periods of boredom in the bedroom.

I’m essentially encouraging you to spicen things up, which is always a plus.

Doing so correctly [I see no way you can flub this up] will keep your girlfriend or spouse at home…proverbially…meaning, she won’t be out there in search of illicit thrills since she’s getting her fix of them at home…from you.

On a final note, I just want to shed a little light on some statistics which I often bring up in discussions like these: Ninety-five percent of the women I sleep with are either in monogamous relationships or marriages.

Upon hearing this declaration, a guy once accused me of being a vile scumbag for preying on women whom are taken.

My rebuttal to his diatribe was simple: “Do you actually think I possess some sort of secret detector which pings me whenever I come within 5 feet of a girl who’s taken”?

Saying that to say; I do NOT single out and target women with boyfriends or husbands just because I want to be a home-wrecking prick.

Upon approaching a woman, I have absolutely no clue of her relationship or marital status!

Why then do I happen to come across so many women with boyfriends?

It’s because there is no such thing as a girl who’s single!!!


If a girl is single, she’s either bat-shit fucking crazy with major instability issues, or she has some sort of apparent disease or deformity, physical ailment or handicap which prevents her from either talking (speech impediment), or prevents her from audible comprehension (hearing impairment).

Those are your single women! And the reasons mentioned above are why they are single!

No sane or physically normal girl is legit single!

If you were approaching and meeting as much women as I do, online or offline, you would quickly come to the realization that 9 in 10 girls are either full-blown in a relationship, just got out of 1 but is still fucking her ex (which means she’s technically still with him), or married.

The odd girl here and there would say she’s single. But get to know her ass, and within a matter of days or weeks, you’ll quickly discover that there’s a secret boyfriend in the mix whom she’s been hiding from you.

Thus, most girls- 9 in 10- have someone! So the odds of fucking girls who are in some form of relationship, will have been extremely high!

You just don’t know this because you aren’t approaching a fraction of the women I do on a weekly basis, let alone over the course of a month.

Therefore, I have empirical datum to substantial my claims, unlike those keyboard jocks, mental-masturbators and dating/pick-up theorists who have zero to minimal experience with the opposite sex.

With all that said, you now know the reason behind why women cheat, and 1 strategic technique in how to minimize the chances of your girlfriend or wife ever cheating.

Hopefully this also dispels the myth that women cheat because their partner isn’t paying them any or enough attention at home.

You may want to read this short post of mines from a few years back: “Fuck her like an Animal”!

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  1. If i would saw this earlier i probably could have kept my girl. I saw the signs but didnt see the light to i saw this article. Big up to Kenny for this 1….


    1. Thanks for that Jay. Wish you would’ve seen this article earlier too if it meant keeping your GF. Wouldn’t mine hearing why you think if you’d read this article you probably could’ve kept your GF


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