Quick Saturday-Morning Rejection [10-01-16]

This morning while taking a stroll down the bloc, I ran into a tall girl with enough ass that she could share it between herself and 3 other girls, and still have a lot of ass left to go around!

I mean, it was well-rounded!

Standing on a corner with some kids as I approached, I opened with 1 of my all-time favorite openers, without hesitation.

Me: “Hey! You look familiar”! As I pointed at her as if we know each other.

Girl: “Nope. Impossible”.

Me: “How so”?

Girl: “It’s my 1st time here. Just came this morning”

Me: “Really!? Had no clue since you looked so familiar. Off to church I’m guessing”.

There was a church nearby.

Girl: “Me! Church!? No no no”!

Me: “Oh, so you’re just hanging out then”

Girl: “Yea. Taking a stroll with the kids”

Me: “The sun is kinda hot. Those are all your kids”?

Girl: “Just the 2 small ones”

Me: “Cool. There’s a carnival nearby. I can take y’all and we have some fun”

She laughs.

Girl: “We don’t know each other and you’re already making a date”

Me: “I usually wait until the 5 minute mark to propose a date. But time is limited to day”

Girl: “I don’t think I wanna do a Carnival today”

Me: “Just kidding! I’m not the Carnival and fare type either. Plus I don’t think your boyfriend would approve of you going off with the kids and some hot guy”

Girl: “He’s not here”

Apparently, since she was standing on the corner of a church, she had some folks who were attending some kind of service. A group of people was walking towards us, and her kids obviously knew them.

Girl: “I gotta get going now. My folks are coming”

Me: “Hold on, hold on”!

She stopped.

Me: “What are you doing later, going for a stroll or something”?

Girl: “Nah. I don’t think so”.

Me: “We could possibly catch up in the evening and go for a walk”.

Girl: “Nah. I’m going to be home with my family”.

We parted ways.

My intention at the last second was to quickly grab her # and set something up for later. But because of the stringent-time window, I was forced to let this set go, coupled with the fact that the vibes weren’t working in my favor.

Another related factor that wasn’t working in my favor is the fact that it is ill-advised to try to game and pick up a girl in the presence (and earshot) of relatives.

Not only will this be awkward on many levels for the girl, but she is more than likely to politely shoot you down if you were to attempt a #-close in front of her folks.

Mother-daughter pair wouldn’t be the worst thing if you were able to charm the mother by saying something like, “I like your daughter. I think she’s really interesting”.

However, when they are aunts, uncles, cousins, etc, it becomes very challenging to work this angle of charming her relatives opposed from a lone mom.

In any case, you may say that I’d gotten rejected. And fine- I have no issues with such an assessment- even though I know rejections don’t exist. But I just wanted to show you guys 2 things via these short posts:

1.) I’m always approaching women whenever I’m out of the house: morning, noonday, evening, nights.

2.) A rejection or missed opportunity doesn’t dissuade me from approaching more women.

At the enf of the day: you are going to lose some and win some.

Being good at this isn’t determined by the fact that you get blown out or not.

I get rejected just as every other guy, but I don’t let it affect me 1 bit! As I get rejected, I’m off to the next girl, and the next and the next.

With that, I leave you with a so-called rejection video that I posted over the Summer.

Also, 2 older rejection videos for you guys.

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