Quick Friday-Evening Rejection [09-30-16]

First off: Rejections don’t exist!

I only entitled this quick post, “Friday evening REJECTION”, just to avoid getting you lost in deep pick-up concepts.

Anyway, so yesterday evening while trying to sort out a purchase flub-up @ a boutique, before I was able to get it done, a sexy-ass girl hijacked my attention as she walked by.

I literally said to the lady in the store, “Hold on! 1 second”, while I jetted out of the boutique as though as I were a law-enforcement agent in pursuit of a wanted criminal. Not to mention that the purchase flub-up was made by the person in the store, so my rebate was on the line since I ran out the boutique after this hottie.

As I hurriedly pursued her, I bumped into some young kid whom I know, who knows of my knack for picking up women.

He mockingly and jokingly says to me: “Look at you going after another woman”!

As I got closer to the hottie, she was humming away some tune, so I opened her based on that.

Me: “Wow! Never knew you could sing”!

She got a bit startled then laughs.

Girl: 😆 “Yes I can sing”

She said shyly.

Me: “Oh! Continue singing! Don’t let me bother you”!

Girl: “I was just singing a gospel”

Me: “Gospel!?

Girl: “Yea. Reggae gospel”

At that very moment, I read from her body language that she was either at her destination, or about to detour from the road which we were walking.

She slows down, so I sped up my game with a sense of urgency.

Me: “Hold on, hold on! I’m Kenny”!

Girl: “I’m ***********”.

Me: “Cool. I’m not gonna hold you up all night since you seem to be in a hurry…”

She then cuts me off.

Girl: “It’s not gonna work between us”.

Me: “Why so pessimistic. Why would you say that”?

Girl: “Because I’m a Christian”.

Me: “How you know I’m not”?

She laughs.

Girl: “You aren’t. You approached me with no shame. Christians don’t do that”

Me: “You’re sexy as hell though”

She blushes.

Girl: “It’s not gonna work Kenny. It’s really not gonna work. You’re charming and all but it won’t work. What I want you’re not after”.

Me: “What do you want”?

Girl: “I’m looking for a Christian man”

Me: “I understand. We can work on that”.

Girl: “See you Kenny. I can’t okay”.

Me: “Hold on, hold on. You have a number”?

Girl: “Yes”

Me: “I wanna whatsapp you and we talk about things”

Girl: “I don’t think that would be a good idea since I’m here looking for a Christian man”

Me: “Take my number”

Girl: “I don’t have my phone on me”

As tempted as I would be to cal. l bullshit whenever a girl says she doesn’t have her phone, I did believe her since she was wearing tights (no pockets), and didn’t have a phone in her hand(s). So she’s not likely to remember my # even if she were to take it.

I insisted a bit but she wasn’t budging on giving me her digits.

I then gave up, sensing that I plowed as far as I could possibly plow without coming off as needy.

We said our goodbyes and parted ways.

Was I dejected and butt-hurt?

Of course not!

I live and breath for this!

I have many such so-called rejections. But they are parts of the game!

The other day, an e-mailer asked me how did I overcome rejections, and how should he deal with having been rejected, and not feel deflated from it?

My answer in a nutshell was very painful: “Get blown out more”!!!

The easiest way to handle overcome the fear and sting of being rejection in day game, is to continue getting rejected!

The more you get rejected- within the confines of having a rock-solid mindset about it- you will have virtually developed an immunity to it.

Listen: you cannot fucking cure the pain one feels from a rejection by hiding from it!

That is the equivalence of trying to win an all-out war from the air, without any ground troop eventually.

Guys want to cure their fear of rejections, and fear of approaching women, by being hands off, staying at bay, while theorizing their way to freedom from anxiety and the pain of rejection.

This is the same problem I have with the many theorists in the pick-up community. They somehow feel that the more notes on pickup they compile- without actually hitting the field to interact with real women- they will somehow realize this Nirvana-like state of game where everything just magically come together, pussy being thrown at them in droves from all angles, women pounding their doors down at wee hours of the morning and so forth!

This fantasy just isn’t going to materialize!

If you truly want to get better with women, you have to put yourself out there and face rejections on a moment-by-moment basis!

With time, getting rejected will resemble a situation similar to bathing in cold water: after the initial nanosecond of shock when the water hits your body, you will adapt to the coolness of the water, and everything goes a-okay from thenceforth.

What's your view?

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