Fake Profiles

I posted the following status to Facebook days ago, upon receiving a friend request from an obvious fake-Facebook profile.

Now, if you can’t tell this is a fake ass generic profile then you’re either crazy or stupid…or both. Fake profiles like these are usually ran by some unattractive low-self esteem chiclkwho has to make a fake profile in order to get male attention, or some gay dude somewhere looking to trick/catfish clueless thirsty men, or some straight dude in an internet cafe in Nigeria looking to scam men out of $$. Funny thing is, most guys can’t tell a fake profile. All they look at is a cute face and they’re sprung,not even taking into consideration that the chick only has like 10 friends. Which normal chick on FB has just 10 fucking friends!

#Denied #Rejected #Blocked

The screenshots of the fakery below.

Now, if you can’t spot all the markings of a fake profile from the screenshots above, then I don’t think you should be reading blogs like mines.

I would go out on a limb to say that most guys on Facebook receive such catfishing friend requests (not just me).

I’d also go out on a limb to say that most guys simply accept and either go on about their business, or they actually try to game these fake-account holders, oblivious to the reality that those are dummy accounts.

Additionally, I’ve come to the realization that most guys can’t spot a fake girl on social media.

No real girl posts statuses to social media saying that she wants to fuck unless she’s a prostitute of some sort. And not even they post stuff so blatant.

That is the 1st tell-tale sign of a fake.

I don’t entertain such things by accepting such requests…at all!

Per day, I get about 3 such friend requests from these fake accounts.

I’m curious to know how you guys go about handling these; do y’all accept or reject?

6 thoughts on “Fake Profiles

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  1. Hi Kenny This cat fish profile I would communicate with the person using the profile. Kenny on my face book profile I show no family or provide any real details about myself. I communicate to only a few women. Using messenger only chat with a few close friends. My girl friends are on other communication apps. For this reason my girlfriends does not know that I Chat with other women.
    I have one girlfriend who I Chat with on Face book. She is Crazy & hates me chatting or becoming friendly with any other women using face book. This women keeps a eye on me all the time. Jealous as hell. Has freaked out in the past over contacts. Basically insecure and worried that I will be taken by another women. I expect you have attracted women like this before? Who want you as boyfriend material.


    1. I don’t communicate with the persons behind fake profile. It’s likely a dude, or some obese lady in her 80’s wanting to find love. The most I do whenever they contact me is I would be a dick to them and they stop talking to me. I’m not quite sure if you’re trying to get at making your GF jealous by communicating with fake profiles. Probably I misunderstood your angle


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