More Proof That Women Will Totally Ignore Your Kiss-Ass While Being Drawn To Men Who Challenge Them

The other day, as is the case with lots of women on Facebook, this chick posted a status saying, “I’m bored. Who wants to inbox me”?

I call this the validation tester in order to weed out the Beta-Males, where girls post such statuses, hoping to catch guys rushing at the opportunity to kiss their behinds by saying, “me, me, me! I wanna text you”!

As expected: 99% of guys take the bait: hook, line and sinker, like mindless drones. And the girl quickly eliminates them as potential suitors.

Anyway, so the chick went on further to specify that she only wants single men inboxing her. This in turn caused lots of guys to indirectly offer more validation by qualifying themselves to her by making it known that they are single.

If you check the screenshot above where I’d censored the girl’s profile, the 7 replies were her responses to my comment(s). This actually turned into more than 20 replies back and forth between her and me.

Below, other AFC guys (Average Frustrated Chumps) went on further to reply on the post, ass-kissing and qualifying themselves with lame-ass generic compliments and such.

What is the common theme here from previous posts similar to this?

The girl totally ignores every other guy while only paying attention to me (my comments).

“It must be by looks”!!! 😆

“Hahahaha! Kidding”! Just poking fun at the “looks matter” crowd.

Anyway, so you’ve seen this time after time, post after post where girls blow off 99% of guys while electing to interact with me.

Why did this girl choose to do just that?

1.) I challenged her frame by telling her that there’s no such thing as a single male (which isn’t true…of course). So in essence, I showed her that I wasn’t about to kiss her ass and adopt her frame just to win her favor.

2.) Because I never qualified myself by screaming, “me, me, me, I am single”, thus catching her attention as I stood out from the pack.

Additionally, I didn’t do what every other guy did, which is to dish out some kiss-ass cheesy compliment.

My comments in the thread were off-topic for the most part, in that I completely ignored the fact that she was hot, and I also ignored the fact that she was bored and wanted someone to inbox her.

With that, she was likely saying to herself (if not conscious, subconsciously), “this guy must be high value. Why isn’t he throwing himself at me like every other guy does? Didn’t he notice I made a plea for someone to talk to”!?

The fact that I refrained from taking the validating bait, it opened the gate for dialogue and the possibility of attraction.

This is all psychology.

Were they my stunning looks which made the girl decide to converse, or was it my vibe because I’d challenged her frame while simultaneously demonstrating high value [DHV]?

The answer is crystal clear: it had absolutely nothing to do with looks! So again, this crushes “the looks matter” school of thought to which most of you guys are so fucking attached!

While the average guy ardently continues to latch onto the belief that looks matter, I keep drawing girls in because I know looks don’t matter.

Looks- more so on social media- do NOT save the day and compensate for a lack of game and the ability to read women!

Game will get an ugly laid far far more than a guy with stunning looks but no game, and no understanding of how women and attraction work!

With that, although this chick wanted some cool guy to message her privately, she and I went on to have an interesting conversation- in public- right there on the post’s thread, demonstrating, not only was I a cool guy, but someone of high value (for not taking the bait, not qualifying myself to her and not complimenting her about beauty and looks).

With such dynamics, I could’ve easily inboxed her (days ago, or tomorrow), set up plans for a rendezvous while subsequently grabbing her number.

The attraction has already been set (attraction to my vibe from the back and forth conversation we had on her post). So everything else from here would’ve purely been academic (the pickup).

In addition to that, though she said that she didn’t want any guy in a relationship to try to hit her up via inbox, that would not have applied to me at all!

How so?

I wisely (and this is psychological and strategic) said to her in other words, that all men have girlfriends (which is far from the truth). So in essence, I imposed the frame upon her that if I were to hit her up privately, I would be exempted from her quasi-rule of not wanting to talk to any guy in a relationship.

Do you see how that works?

Any other guy was likely rejected, and would’ve gotten rejected, once the girl inquires about a GF, or browses his profile and reads “in a relationship”.

My profile does say “in a relationship” (and I am in a relationship as most long-time subscribers would know). But again, I would not have gotten rejected since I set the frame in a way which granted me immunity and a status of exception/exemption.

For example, this is no different from a girl saying, “I never have sex on the first date”!

To such a girl, I would say, or convey somehow [setting the frame], that sex on the first date is normal, acceptable, cool and what most sane people do!

She doesn’t have to believe that shit! But it doesn’t matter! As long as I believe it, and as long as I convey this unequivocally! She will in turn believe it also, or grant me exception status by fucking me on the 1st date!

I mean, situations like these in Game are what I encounter and finagle and on a daily basis.

In seduction, this is called Frame Control.

Whenever you capitulate to a woman in such a case as cited above, you hand the frame over to her! Well- in all actuality- she had the frame control to begin with. But once you agree with the premise of the shit women say, such as, “don’t contact me unless you’re single”, your capitulation and submission on the matter, gives the girl control of the frame (which she already had) while killing your chances in 1-giant swoop!

By saying to the girl, “I’m single”, upon her setting the frame that she only wants to talk to guys who are single, you are essentially capitulating and submitting to her frame/will by fitting her mold in such a case!

In pickup, we call this all-too-familiar mistake, “Qualifying”.

Women don’t find guys who can’t hold a frame (guys who qualify to them), attractive!

Even if you’re single, you don’t fucking say it in such a situation like when a girl is seeking validating and trying to weed out weak men who submit to her POV!

Women aren’t attracted to men who either submit to them, who try to fit their ideal mold, or those who cannot hold a frame (i.e. nice guys and Beta Males)!

This is essentially why stereotypical nice guys don’t get laid.

They inherently are turnoffs for women because they cannot and do not even attempt to hold/control a frame with, and over women.

They agree with most things women agree with, they fight women’s causes and battles (white knights), women are never wrong in their eyes, they validate women on every issue under the sun, etc, etc, etc.

Their frame is the antithesis/opposite of a challenge…which is pure submission.

Therefore, do you now see why women on social media often ignore these guys, while instead being drawn into my frame by engaging me? While your stupid ass is there thinking it’s about fucking looks, you really have not 1 smidgen of a clue about attraction and its workings (speaking of, and to the vast majority of adult males on the globe)!

Here’s another great example which I’d randomly dug up in the archives, of ass-kissing and qualifying at its best.

Now, chances would have it that since this status was posted by a woman, it’s likely that she’s of the opinion that Long-Distant Relationships work. The guys clearly sense that also (that the chick’s position is “yes: they do work), hence the guy’s comment in support.

I mean, let’s get real here guys: do you really believe that these guys actually believe that LDR’s (Long-Distant Relationships) work? Or are they only saying that LDR’s can work, in hopes of getting the girl to like them because they agreed with her position/frame?

Clearly to a prudent person who knows how to read social dynamics; these guys are all full of shit!

“Yes, Yes, Yes”!!!

I was the only guy willing to take an opposing position! I didn’t just take that position to be a disagreeable dick. I really believe so (that LDR’s can’t work)! But it is really telling when you have guys co-signing a position which they truly don’t buy into! And that is what most guys do, under the impression that if they agree with the woman’s position, she will fuck them for it!

I went as far as calling their asses out on their bullshit when I said in my comment that both parties won’t commit to it. Surely 1 or both will commit in words. But in deed; they won’t stay the course without infidelity on some level!

Furthermore, why don’t guys disagree with the positions of hot women, and the women whom they’re trying to get with?

Fear of losing her!

Fear of getting on the girl’s bad side and being tabulated onto her shit list!

Instead of risking that occurring, “I need to play it safe”, is what AFC’s say to themselves in an attempt at rationalization and justification for their chodery and not having an opinion or voice.

Interestingly enough- but not surprising- the girl who posted that status flat-out ignored the other guys while tackling my comment, thus getting drawn into a deeper dialogue which sparks interest.

I can go on and on with screenshots after screenshots, dating back to 3 years ago, demonstrating the same thing with girl after girl: guys agreeing and getting ignored and rejected, while I hold my frame in disagreement, to subsequently picking up the girl.

On that note: want to learn from the best there is [myself] in pulling random ass on any social media or dating site?

Reserve your Skype session pronto!

Grab your copy of Facebook Bang for more real-life examples of how to easily attract women and bed women from Facebook!

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  1. Hi Kenny I am living in England at the moment. I agree with the way you communicate with a women on face book. A women posts a picture of herself & she has most men running to give her praise. Beta male attitude. But a Alpha male does not follow the herd. He gives her a surprise or can even makes her laugh. She chats to you alone no one else.


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