Simple Yet Effective: More Examples Of The Types Of Comments That Grab The Attention Of Hot Girls

In keeping with the previous theme, here’s another pertinent example of what not to say/comment, and how to comment.
This morning, a chick uploaded the following photo.

It didn’t long before the pack of drooling Beta-Males showed up to offer their validation in various ways.

I commented at the end.

Whose comment got noticed out of all the guy?

Mines only. Not failing to mention that my comment was the last of many. So from that standpoint of priority, my comment should’ve been ignored.

This is a very comment theme as I’ve shown you guys time after time with almost real-time examples.

Ninety-eight percent of guys and their comments get ignored on social media.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, my comment receives a reply from the girl almost immediately! While the average guy has his comment ignored more than 75% of the time.

What do I do right? And what did I actually do right with this sexy girl here?

Here’s the thing: on a strategic level, I looked at the previous comments and just to get a better sense of the type of comments that these guys were making.

As expect: 99% of them were chody, generic and downright stupid.

With that, I decided to position myself as the only guy who wasn’t scooping her poop.

The best way for me to have done that, was to make a comment as an outsider by tooling the other guys in a slick way.

Hence the reason I said, “I think it’s eatable guys”. From that comment alone, I separated myself from the pack of desperate guys.

I didn’t comment, “I want to eat you”. Had I done that, I would’ve gotten ignored for being desperate.

Instead, by me saying it looks eatable (“guys”), it made the girl (on a subconscious level) think to herself, “why didn’t he throw himself at me like the others”?

That deflection alone of my innocuous comment, forced the girl to have to reply to my comment (and mines alone).

Whenever you defer from commenting on a girl’s sexiness, she becomes a bit self-conscious as I clearly cited in the previous 2 posts.

You may say to yourself at this point, “But Kenny, you didn’t ignore the girl’s body. You said it was eatable”!


However, context makes the difference as I explained above.

I was essentially tooling the other guys by telling them that her ass is eatable.

From that context, I become that 1 guy who isn’t all fazed by her body.

It is very subtle yet powerful! And this is indicative of the fact that she chose my comment to reply to while blowing off the rest. So even though I made reference to her body/booty, it was done in a way that didn’t get me blown off.

It’s all subtle psychology guys.

This may all seem complex to you at this juncture, but I don’t expect you to grasp this overnight, just as I didn’t grasp the concepts of pickup overnight.

Your greatest sticking-point in game will originate from yourself: your lack of patience and unwillingness to fail before you see positive changes.

I mean, I’ve coached guys online in regards to online game, and within their first attempt at commenting on a girl’s photo, they completely throw in the towel on trying to attract women and get laid online, just because they didn’t manage to get a reply from the girl!

I mean, it is fucking mind-blowing how guys who’ve failed their entire lives, don’t expect to keep failing before they get good at what I teach them!!!

I understand guy’s frustration with slow to no progress, simply because I’ve been there. But it takes time!

Another question you may ask is, “But Kenny, you speak about not caring about what you say to women, yet you chide these guys out for saying things without caring about the girl’s reception”!

Listen, sure I preach that you should say whatever you like and not give 2 shits about what the girl thinks! But dammit, that is not a green light for you to tool yourself out by saying lame-ass shit!

Lastly, I just want to briefly touch on looks again for the umpteen time.

Out of all the guys who commented, I would be hard-pressed to believe that I am the most handsome, and that the girl only replied to my comment because of my handsomeness, while she ignored all the ugly guys.

Again- this smashes the “looks matter” bullshit!

I am NOT the most attractive guy who had commented on this chick’s sexy photo! Yet, she didn’t factor in looks into her decision-making as to whose comment she should reply.

Vibe matters! Looks don’t!

Have the right vibe and women will constantly ignore the super-attractive guys while fawning all over you!

I keep proving to you guys- day after day- that looks don’t matter.

When will you actually begin to believe that women could care less about your looks!?

One thought on “Simple Yet Effective: More Examples Of The Types Of Comments That Grab The Attention Of Hot Girls

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  1. Hi Kenny you are correct in your methods. Texting a women is a skill that needs to be learnt. Me personally she is not my type of women. I would not have bothered texting her. Good for a fuck but that is all.


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