Be Outlandish In The Game [Free Yourself From The Outcome]

In sticking with the theme left off from the previous post, I want to continue for a bit here on “freedom from outcome”.

I know we preach this semi-esoteric shit a lot in pickup: “Free yourself from external results”, but it is quite simple yet complex…yet simple…yet contradicting.

The truth is: no one can really free himself from an outcome when he’s actually seeking an outcome.

In other words; if you’re trying to sleep with a girl, you cannot really not want the girl yet get the girl to fuck you. So there must be some sort of attachment to the outcome.

However, what we teach you in pickup is that you should give off the impression that you aren’t attached to the outcome, and that you aren’t bounded by your expectations. Hence, you freely do what you want and say whatever you want, without fear of losing something (i.e. the girl).

Freeing yourself from the outcome is more of a mental hack than a tangible one.

Surely you want the girl, but you don’t need the girl!

That in essence is freedom from outcome (the outcome being getting the girl).

Interestingly enough, it is when you begin to play the part of someone free and detached from the outcome, that you will have realized and materialized your outcome into results.

Sounds zen-like and woo-woo! I agree! But it is sort of like the Law of Pareto, which basically states that the more work and effort you put into something, the less results you’ll see. The less work; the more results.

For instance, who gets the lofty pay raise and promotion on the job? Is he or she the person who busted his or her ass day after day, toiling for the company, striving to get shit done? Or is he/she the person who hardly does a thing on the job, doesn’t care less if the business fails or succeeds? Which one of these individuals is likely to get the pay raise and the promotion? The guy or gal who put in the least amount of effort/work.

That is the Pareto Law in a nutshell. And you can clearly see how applicable it is in Game and dating.


For example (in relation to Pareto’s Laws in dating): if you have to spend 10 minutes trying to craft and perfect the “perfect” text to send to the girl, then you’re essentially putting way too much effort into 1 text (and the girl)…which means that you are highly attached to an outcome.

Although you may believe that the more work and effort you put into the crafting of this text message will yield a better result- chances are- it won’t!

Contrarily, if you were a pick-up artist like myself who understands the law of least effort, you wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about perfecting a text message. Least effort and go!

Least effort will yield the most results most of the time.

The more convincing you are in giving women the impression that you are carefree, unattached and not giving 2 shits about her opinion of you, the greater your results will become in attracting women!

Conversely, if you give off the vibe (through text for example) that you need it to work, you need her response, or that you need the girl, then you are fucked!

This all flies in the face of logics: I know. But if you’re new to this genre of dating advice, then you are in for a rude awakening upon learning that the illogical is often times the logical approach in dating.

With that being said, freeing yourself from the external results by harboring a carefree vibe, will undoubtedly grab the attention of women.

A huge part of this freeing involves saying outlandish stuff to women that you would otherwise imagine to be an instant rejection.

I leave you with 3 random examples of recent interactions I had with 3 different chicks whom I recently picked up on social media.

This is just to give you a pertinent example of what freedom from outcome (with women) looks like.

With the following 2 screenshots, I was telling this chick that I’ve been storing up all this cum so that I could cum inside of her when we meet. We weren’t even sexting. But it didn’t matter. I didn’t care because I’m free from giving a shit!
[My messages in blue]

Following screenshot, I had messaged this married chick whom I thought resided on island, but was in Canada at the time. Again- married? Doesn’t matter! Be outlandish!

Remaining 2 screenshots were from last year where I’d messaged this 18-year old hottie.

Below, this chat was with another 18 year old whom I met months prior but never got to meet up again since she’s left for school.

Free from outcome!

I say what I want, do what I want, and women hardly ever get offended because they love a guy who’s untamed and wild.

Ever wondered why women fall so hard and easily for bad boy types? It isn’t their propensity to criminality. It is their unhindered vibe and inclination to say and do whatever they want in relation to the courtship of women.

Here’s the psychology in the form of a question: if you really wanted the girl, would you say such things to her?

Of course not!

Therein lies the magic of why this approach is so effective (saying outlandish shit to women).

This approach works just as great in person as I demonstrated in a recent video of mine (with cold approaches).

Also, videos from Julien and Todd on freedom from outcome.

Any question on the topic discussed?

Feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Hi Kenny texting a women & using online technology has now become the easiest way of getting a women. I you are good at it you can easily get women. You are good at it Kenny. It is a simple fact. I cannot understand why so many men are bad at texting and getting a good rapport with a women. A women’s communication ability is usually much better than a mans. This is why communication online has become very important. Good texting makes her wet. Bad texting means you have no fucking chance with her.


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