More Chode Shit

So this morning, a guy who’s a fan of mines, friend requested me on Facebook.

As usual, I screen the profile just to ensure that it’s legit, then I accept the request.

The guy then hits me up via Messenger, and the exchange went as follows.

😡 😡 😡

I got so frikkin’ frustrated that I posted the following status with the above screenshots.

This the type of chode shit that makes me want to close my Facebook account. After explaining to this guy that race means shit in picking up women, and that if you’re good with 1 set of women, you’ll be equally as good with another, he goes on to pry about me picking up Indian girls, totally missing the points I made prior. He wants to know how many East Indian girls I’ve slept with. I mean, really!? What the fuck does that prove if I were to say 2 or 200!!? That’s that chode mentality.

Okay, if you want to get me real upset, make insinuations that looks and race are impediments in the game.

With this guy, his insistence on seeing me pick up more East Indian women was hair-pulling!

I mean, what part of me saying to you that game works on every woman, don’t you understand!?

What part of me telling you that on an intrinsic and biological level, all women are the same, don’t you understand!?

Since you know that I can (and do) pick up East Indian girls, why the heck would you want to know how many I’ve picked up!?

Why should the quantity matter?

Why even ask that?

What the fuck does it prove if I were to say 2 or 200!?

I feel that this guy is indirectly calling me out, but in a slick way.

I am very much attuned to this sort of trickery and psychological ploy, where guys try to call other guys out, but by not actually doing it directly, instead through insinuations.

Furthermore, this guy’s fractured frame is deeper than that. And it goes back to what I told him initially, that game works straight across the board, transcending racial, ethnic and national lines.

If you’ve been following my blog for a good while now, you would’ve known that I have a quasi-fetish for East Indian women.

Additionally, you would’ve also known that following black girls, East Indians are 2nd of my proverbial hit-list (or fuck-list).

I’ve picked up and banged lots of East Indian women here in the Caribbean islands.

They are no different than black girls in that I don’t get a more difficult time gaming East Indians than I do black chicks, Orientals or any other woman for that matter.

The race of the girl doesn’t mean shit to me!

My approach remains the same with a few minor adjustments and tweaks here and there.

For instance, if I’m chatting up and picking up a French chick, I will tweak my game in the sense that my conversational thread would be based more on geography, asking the girl about France, etc.

Those aren’t game-specific tweaks. Hence, my game remains the same, no matter the girl standing before me!

These AFC chodes, and I’m quite sure you reading this post are one [sorry for being so harsh], are always under the impression that girl A is harder to game because she’s white, Asian, black, Russian, Martian, whatever!

They fail to realize that game is game, and women are women! What works on a British-white chick will work on a British-black chick, or a British-Pakistani chick!

This sort of low-value mindset harbored by guys new to the game (that race matters), is equivalent to guys who peddle the looks matter bullshit.

Both ideologies are flawed and incorrect!

If you’re entering the game with “race matters”, then of course it will matter!

I don’t!

Whenever I approach a girl, be it online or in person, I don’t see race! I only see vagina!

My game and lay percentage with white and East-Indian girls are higher than that of black girls [“percentage”-wise].

It is just that I have a preference for black and Indian women why I game them more. But I find white girls no harder to game than blacks or Indians.

It is all in your fucking head!

That chode mentality has to be rooted the hell out if you ever wish to get a solid grip on your dating life as it relates to variety in women!

You shouldn’t have to see me game and pick up a Hawaiian girl to know that I’m capable of doing it. You shouldn’t have to know how many Canadian women I’d slept with to know that I can bed Canadian women!

Why not? To reiterate: Game works across the board!

The only how your game would somewhat struggle is if there’s a language barrier. But that’s not even a big deal since your verbals are less important than your nonverbals.

Anyway guys, I have less tolerance for chode shit as of later.

How would you like to be bombarded with dozens of emails and social-media DM’s per day, where the subject line reads: “I’m not good looking enough to attract women. Help me”!

You would go nuts too!

Listen, before learning about pickup when I sucked ass at getting a woman to even look at me, the very last thing that I factored into the equation of why women weren’t giving me the time of day, was my looks!

Even as a fucking Beta-Male, AFC, low-value frame chode, I still didn’t attribute my inability to get laid to my lack of good looks!

I didn’t believe that women were repulsed by my big nose, elongated face, bulging eyes or irregular-looking smile!

My looks were far from the reason I thought as to why I sucked!

Do you know to what I attributed my lack of success with women before discovering pickup by a chance Google search?

A lack of game!

I didn’t even know there was such a thing as game in the sense of one can learn how to become good with women!

I literally thought that you were either born with game or without game, and that dictated your entire life until death!

I wanted fucking Game!

Not better looks! Because something inside of me told me that even if I were blessed with better looks, a lack of game will still render my good looks null and void! And that is very much true!

Hence, it sorta weirds me out whenever I hear guys attribute lack of success with women to lack of good looks, when even as a guy who couldn’t get laid, looks didn’t even factor into the picture for me.

Anyway guys, you may very well think that I’m being a giant dick as of late by harping on the looks stuff. But bear with me.

I’m just trying to show you that unless you resemble that ugly character from the Goonies, then looks are the least of your problems when it comes to getting poon!

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  1. Hi Kenny I agree all women are the same all over the world. But adapting your game to each women what ever there nationality is sensible. No women is the same. Like for instance a Chinese traditional women living in Beijing a Teacher a University Graduate and very Beautiful.This women refuses all the Chinese men before.But because I texted her correctly she wants me to fuck her. What is the difference between me and all the other rejected men. I make her laugh not afraid to flirt with her. I tell her that I will be gentle with her because she is small and light when I make love to her. You get into her dreams her thoughts are only on you and the future together with her. With this women you tell her your lap is waiting for her for you to Cuddle her and kiss her. You know what I mean all the romantic stuff. No need to go into graphic detail it is already in her head. This women wants me badly. What do you think the reaction would be if I wrote that I wanted to fuck her. With a women like this you have to play a in-direct game. But with other women I am direct and do the same as you.Very little difference to your methods to mine. Get them wet and horny. Tell them you want them to swallow you come. tell them you are going to tie them up and blind fold them and smack their bum.Get them totally primed and ready. But do not do this until you know a women is already very attracted to you. Kenny you have helped me to be more direct with women. To control and lead them to the bed. Thank you. I am a 61 year old man fucking beautiful young women. To all men anything is possible. Confidence is the key. Great texting advice Kenny. I used the word Thrust tonight effectively on a girlfriend.Another women primed and ready.


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