How Not To Comment On An Entitled Girl’s Photos

Most girls who register above a 5 on the proverbial HB-looks scale, do feel a sense of entitlement, and expect to be lauded with praises of fondness from hoards of men drooling at their feet.

Every girl on social media expects this, and does get this royalty treatment.

A huge component of my pick-up method is equipping you guys with the tools necessary to flip this script and rob entitlement junkies (women) of their fix!

Now, I’m not saying to be mean to women. Just don’t inflate their egos and sense of entitlement larger than that they already are.

Anyway, I’ve dealt with this subject various times in the past. But an encore as a quick reminder is always welcoming.

Whenever I leave a comment on a girl’s status or photo, I expect a reply. I think it’s safe to say we all do!

It isn’t that I “need” a reply, nor that I’m sitting around anticipating a girl’s reply to a comment I made on her stuff. That is what most guys do. They wait for reciprocation from the girl.

Whenever I message a girl, or leave a comment on her pics, I don’t even remember commenting.

I call this the “shoot and go”; I send my message and go!

Saying that bit to say, though I expect a reply whenever I post a comment, I’m no attached to that outcome. In pickup we call this outcome independence. It is where you detach yourself (emotionally and psychologically) from a result/outcome.

Girl tells you to fuck off; don’t get all reactive besides yourself.

Certainly there’s nothing wrong with defending yourself and cussing a bitch out when the situation warrants it. But avoid acting all needy and invested about things.

Okay, I’ve been digressing much, so let’s get back to the topic at hand.

Most guy’s comments get flat-out ignored. If you’re lucky, your comment would get a like from the recipient (the girl). At best, she’ll reply with a “thank you”, but as a way to placate your fragile heart while appearing non-bitchy as possible.

My comments rarely ever get ignored by the girl. Nor do I get a brush off “thanks” in reply. 99% of the time, my comment forces the girl to reply. Not because I do anything extraordinary or awesome. I largely use humor, wits and banter.

The other day, this chicks posted a set of photos. Note: this is a very entitled chicks from what I’d observed on her other posts.

Notice how the girl flat-out ignored every guy’s comment while only replying to mines.

Her reply in laughter led to a deeper threaded dialogue which I didn’t include here.

Why did she take notice of my comment while ignoring the rest (not to mention every other guy had commented before I did)?

Well clearly my comment was the only one that didn’t come off as ass-kissing, gawking and praising.

In conjunction with the fact that I ignored the girl’s looks, my comment was ballsy yet humorous.

Whenever you ignore a girl’s attempt at getting validation (as this girl did), you immediate get her attention as someone who stands out from the pack of Beta-Males.

The girl says to herself (subconsciously so), “why isn’t this guy kissing my ass like the other low-value tools”?

Learn how to not take the validation bait whenever a girl posts pics (namely sexy or seductive photos)!

Now that you know how not to comment on a girl’s pictures, instinctively, you should know how to comment on her photos by taking note of my comment.

Lastly, why don’t guys ever rock the boat with women (as in making witty comments)? Guys don’t want to offend. They don’t want to risk losing the girl! They don’t want to jeopardize a so-called good thing. Hence they choose to play it safe by leaving kiss-ass comments on a girl’s photos.

Again- this is done because 99% of guys are attached to the outcome. They are outcome-dependent. Hence they don’t ever want to make a comment which remotely comes close to offending the girl.

This safe sort of timid frame comes off as super needy and turns women off.

Be willing to risk it!

Be willing to offend!

Quit playing it safe!

Become detached from the outcome! Free yourself from this urge of needing it to work!

When you would have done that, you’ll quickly become amazed to discover that risking it gets the girl’s attention, while playing it safe gets you ignored.

What's your view?

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