10 Things I Don’t Care To EVER Ask A New Girl Whom I’d Picked Up

I just want to shed a little light on my frame when it comes to women I meet.

Certain things I just don’t do/say because they would make me feel and look low value.

Here goes!

“Do you have a boyfriend?

The boyfriend question is 1 of the lamest I could think of. I have no interest in knowing whether the girl is single or taken. I don’t ask, and she doesn’t tell. Even if she does tell, I absolutely never comment on it besides saying, “ok cool! I have a girlfriend…so we’re even now…and we have something in common”.

“Do you like me”?

The fact that she’s talking to me, and the fact that she’s even allowed herself to be picked up, says it all: that she likes me. No need to ask; I simply assume! Asking a new girl if she likes you (asking in the traditional sense) only goes to put on full display your lack of surety and lack of social intelligence. If you were a smart guy, you would know when a girl likes you or not, right? That’s what the girl may say to herself.

“How old are you”?

I have zero interest in knowing how long the girl has been on this planet. As long as she gets my sexual juices flowing and she’s over the legal age of sexual consent (and she likely is); that is all I’m concerned with as far as age goes. I NEVER ever ask girl how old she is. Women tell me! But I never ask!

“When was the last time you had sex”?

I don’t care! I don’t ask this question since it doesn’t do anything for me logistically. Not only that, but even if I were to ask a girl, “when was the last time you fucked”, do you actually think she’s going to be forthright and honest? Asking a girl when was the last time she fucked is tantamount to asking her what’s her number…i.e. “how many guys have you fucked”?

“How many guys have you slept with”?

A pretty dumb question, but believe it or not, this is a common questions that guys ask new girls within the first week of becoming acquainted. Why would a guy even care to ask this anyway? It’s not like if she admits to fucking 290 guys, that that would really dissuade you from wanting to becoming the 291st.
Sure you may think unflattering things about her. But you are not going to change your mind on lying down with her. And you are not going to suddenly change your mind from wanting to have her as your girlfriend. So why care to ask her #?

“What is your religion

Another common question that I care not to ask. I feel that guys ask this question eventually, because they don’t know what else to say/ask. And asking the girl if she’s religious, or if she has a religion, just seems normal and fair game during the pickup and post-pickup phase of the game. But in any case, I don’t care about a girl’s religion, spirituality or lack thereof. It has nothing to do with me getting my pecker inside of her snatch. A Muslim pussy feels just the same as an Agnostic or Christian pussy. I’m sure you know this already. ❓

“Do you have kids…and how many”?

Again- I don’t care about this. Whether she has 20 kids, 1 or none at all, it doesn’t change the level of physical and sexual attraction I have for the girl. It wouldn’t make me want to bang her less, discovering that she has kids. And don’t worry; if she has kids, she will surely not forget to mention it within no time. So there’s no need to ask.

“How’s your day”?

Do I really care about her day, how she’s feeling and what she’s done thus far for the day? NO!! Hence, I would never, nor do I ever send a girl a txt asking, “what are you doing”, or, “how’s you’re day”? Why not? Not only is it lame and generic, but her day has nothing to do with my day. What do I mean by that? Whether she responds with, “fine”, or “not so good”, her response isn’t going to change my objective of trying to meet up with her. So asking her about her day is a mute point.

“Was the sex good”?

If I manage to sleep with a new girl, the very last thing I would ask her is if the sex was good? I never ask women this question by the way. I assume the sale! I assume that she loved the sex! No matter how shitty my performance was, I always assume that she’d loved it! Asking a girl if she liked the sex, doesn’t only come off as unsure of yourself, but it also sub-communicates to the girl that you aren’t used to getting laid. It just shows way more confidence when you assume the sex was good, hence you don’t ask.

“What work do you do”?

Another oft-common question which gets you no closer to the lay than if you hadn’t asked her. I frankly have no genuine interesting in knowing what work any girl does. Therefore I never ask. I will eventually find out undoubtedly, simply because the girl will have volunteered this piece of information.

As is the case with virtually all 10 points cited above, women will tell me on their own free will, even if I don’t ask. They will ask me what work do I do? Then naturally, they will divulge the information on their work.

If you were to check back any post of mines which includes conversations between women and me, and you will never see me asking a girl about her work. It just doesn’t interest me!

These things are only somewhat meaningful if I were to want to date these women, or perhaps have them as my girlfriends. But even in such a case, I wouldn’t need to ask because the girl would’ve volunteered those details from day 1.

All in all, I chose not to bring up any subject which doesn’t facilitate my chances of getting inside of her panties.

Note: The list is subjected to revision and update.

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