Nick Krauser PUA [London Day-Game Model] Vs Deepak Wayne [Justin Wayne Dating Company]…The War

Krauser PUA (left), Deepak Wayne (right)

How long has it been since we had a good dose of PUA politics and drama?

A damn long time!

I caught wind of this new fight when I tentatively decided (yesterday) to browse SlutHate, just to see whom they were blabbering about now.

Before I get into it, for those who are outside of the pickup community, who aren’t privy to PUA politics and stuff, the London Day-Game Model, is essentially a PUA company which includes instructors such as Krauser and Tom Torero (a good buddy of mines).

The Justin Wayne Dating Company, is also a PUA company, based in New York City, and ran/founded by Justin Wayne.

Justin Wayne

Each model and PUA company has its own form of pickup, which all stems from to the original old-school seduction/pickup formats/methods.

Back on August 30th, Nick Krauser, the now controversial Day-Gamer out of London, took shots at Deepak Wayne, an Indian-born pick-up instructor, who operated out of New York City, under the tutelage of my buddy, Justin Wayne of NYC.

Here’s the article from August 30th, on Krauser’s PUA blog, where he calls out Deepak on his claims of banging 15 new girls in 1 month (in Kiev).

Is Deepak Wayne a fraud?

As of late, I have a bone to pick with Krauser over the ALT-Right, Neo-Nazi, ultra-Islamaphobia rhetoric which he’s gone public with over the months.

Many seem to believe that Krauser is a racist. And they have great reasons to believe that since he’s public with his hate rhetoric. And I guess I can’t hate on him for that, because at least he’s public with his racism: anti-black, anti-Indian, anti-Arab and anti-muslim proclamations.

I’ve been wanting to tackle Krauser PUA over the last 10 months on this (his “anti-anything that isn’t white” bigotry). But I just never got around to it…and I won’t exactly get into it here. So I’ll stay on message here.

In spite of Krauser’s racist position; I’ve always been a fan of his, and we’ve always been cordial and somewhat cool! In fact, when the whole Manosphere thing kicked off around 2009, Krauser and I were the only legitimate PUA bloggers and practitioners among the bunch of writers.

Additionally, Krauser was actually the one who encouraged me to start making/recording infield videos of my pickup. So he and I have history dating back to 2009. It’s sad to see that he’s now fallen into this racist frame as of late, facilitated by global politics, immigration issues, ISIS and what have you. Krauser seems to think that the white race is on the verge of extinction due to mass migration of refugees from Syria, Iraq and parts of Africa. But something tells me that this is just an act on Krauser’s part.

How can you be racist against so-called minorities, including blacks, yet you game, pick up and sleep with scores of black African women in England [Krauser that is], you favor Mexican women and those of Latin America.

Not to get too deep into US presidential politics [not that I ever mine], but I think that Krauser is pulling a Donald Trump, by indirectly pandering to White Supremacist sentiments; not because he actually shares their ideologies and racism, but just to secure their vote and following. But I don’t for 1 minute believe that Trump, nor Krauser, is racist or hateful towards non-nationals and migrants to their countries. But they pander to people who harbor such feelings.

Okay, so enough of Krauser’s pretend racism, though it was an issue I’d been wanting to get off my chest nearly a year now.

On September 2nd, Krauser doubled down by taking another shot at Deepak Wayne, accusing him of making faked-infield videos.

Deepak Wayne – Analysis Of His Fake Infield

In light of all that, my buddy, Justin Wayne, along with his former PUA student (now instructor), Deepak Wayne, struck back, with an attempt to destroy Krauser and the London PUA scene.

In any case, the whole argument boils down to this: Krauser thinks Deepak is lying about the number of girls he sleeps with.

A few excerpts from Krauser’s post.

Compounding Krauser’s belief of that (that Deepak is lying on his dick and lays), is because of Deepak’s ethnicity: he’s Indian, with a heavy-Indian accent, and he’s butt-ugly, yet he’s fucking all these white chicks across Europe!

Krauser just finds this impossible!

On top of that, Krauser believes that Deepak either uses actresses in his videos just to make his pickups look official. So Deepak’s rebuttal is to clear all this up.

In my opinion, Deepak’s videos have always seemed genuine. I don’t doubt Deepak’s skills to pick up women.

Do I feel that Nick Krauser is hating on Deepak Wayne out of jealousy?


You have to remember that in Krauser’s world, white women don’t fuck Indian men.

However, Krauser fails to take note of 1 of the most important insight in the Game of pickup: Game trumps looks!

Krauser seems to insinuate that Deepak is too ugly to be getting laid.

If that’s the case, then Krauser should come clean and say that “looks totally matter, and nothing else does”, going contrary to everything that pickup teaches on looks.

In any case, I am a fan of both guys (in spite of Krauser’s fake racism in order to milk as much readers as possible from every crevice of the internet).

Interesting to see how this will all blow over. But according to those incel sacks of shit virgins over at SluHate, Deepak had challenged Krauser to a sarge off in Germany.Germany

In other words- or non-PUA jargon- Deepak was going to buy Krauser’s ticket to Germany, in order to challenge him in a sarge off: a contest of who could pick up the most chicks [that’s the definition of a sarge off].

Word is: Krauser backed out.

Deepak’s basically saying, if Krauser believes that he has no game, and that his pickups (videos) are staged and faked, then he (Deepak) challenges Krauser to witness him live in action, and try to out-game him.

Sarge offs in pickup is sort of common among pick-up coaches. If one coach calls out another, they settle it in a sarge-off duel.

Almost 4 years ago, I had a huge feud with PUA instructor, Steve Mayeda aka El Topo, who had “attempted” to call me out to a sarge off, in which he claimed that I turned it down. I had to clear that up when I blasted him in the following article.

The demise of a washed-up, disgruntled PUA, El Topo Loco aka Steve Mayeda

I set the PUA community ablaze when I’d published that article back in 2013. I lost tons of friends and business partners in the community, due to PUA politics. But I found it necessary.

However, I wasn’t the only one in the seduction community who had issues with El Topo (Steve Mayeda).

Back in 2008, the PUA guru, Nick Savoy, a friend of mines, took shots at El Topo for various reasons, such as stealing PUA routine stacks (pickup lines, etc) and marketing them as his own.

Read: El Topo: When instructors go bad…part 2

As for the latest round of PUA feud between instructors: Deepak and Krauser, even over at the antifeminist blog, they wrote a post about this, questioning whether Deepak indeed could’ve fucked 25 (Ukrainian) girls in 50 days.

Is Deepak Wayne the real deal?

Be as it may, it would be interesting to see these 2 PUA heavyweights go at it in a sarge off (pickup duel).

I leave you with 2 infield (hidden-cam) videos from Krauser. The fact that he routinely picks up black chicks, kills the racist angle which Krauser seems to want to promote in order to appeal to white nationalists across the globe.

I also leave you with a video from Deepak Wayne, 1 of which Krauser believe was faked.

Another video from Deepak, about his journey from computer programmer to pimp.

For shits and entertainment, if you want to read 1 of the most controversial post in pickup history, check out this article of mines which dates back to 2012.

Greatest PUA fights of all time

I almost got sued twice for that article, once by the biggest scumbag in pickup, Brad P, who had his lawyer contact me, in pursuit of slander and defamation from me, on behalf of his client.

On a final note, there’s nothing too terrible about a little PUA drama every now and then. Too many guys in the community have this SECRET animosity and hatred towards each other, where they bottle up for years upon years. This PUA company hates the other and so forth.

It was shocking to all of us to see a recent photo emerged of RSD Todd (posted by Todd), and PUA community founder, Mystery, hanging together.

Erik Von Markovik (Mystery), founder of the PUA/seduction community. Right: RSD Todd, dating coach for the RSD company

We all know that RSD, the pick-up company, hates the Venusian Arts pickup company (now “the 3 Second Rule” Company). And the guys (coaches) from both respective companies haven’t spoken in over 10 years due to PUA politics which were well documented in the PUA Bible aka “The Game”. But that’s all for another time.

In the meanwhile, the battle continues raging between London Daygame Model and the Justin Wayne Dating company.

8 thoughts on “Nick Krauser PUA [London Day-Game Model] Vs Deepak Wayne [Justin Wayne Dating Company]…The War

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  1. Interesting article, Kenny. Yeah, I once browsed sluthate before also, and that is a messed up place. I personally think that looks do matter, but not the extremist way of them.

    And iirc, quite a few of them have no experience with women beyond escorts and such, so doesn’t do good for their creditability!! What do you think of sluthate, Kenny?


    1. Well clearly you know I disagree fully about the look matter thing. As for Sluthate, I don’t think they’re as extreme as PUAHate was. In fact, I’m shocked to see so many posts on Sluthate where guys actually advocate the use of game. Perhaps those guys are banned eventually. But it isn’t the worst place (can’t believe I said that).


  2. I didn’t know much about Krauser until now but its interesting watching Justin and him go at it like this. Gotta give props to Deepak for taking the accusation the way he did and Justin willing to put his game where his mouth is. That speaks volumes man…


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