Most Times I Just Want To Be Alone In Solitude

Last night, this chick hits me up on fuck-book, which prompted me to post the following status.

Most nights I just want to kick back without any company. A handful of chicks I hook up with don’t quite seem to get this: that I prefer to be alone most nights so I can get shit done…like publishing articles, facebooking other chicks and just kicking back enjoying solace and alone time. Also, although I tell chicks this, they fail to realize (or believe me) that I prefer to have sex on rare occasions…although I can get it daily. Once every 2 weeks and I’m satisfied sexually. And I don’t like chicks all up in my crib either! So this chick whom I’d been hooking up with over the past 4 weeks or so, hits me up tonight wanting to come by and be in my company. 

[Her messages in gray]



I consider it a part of my Aquarian nature. We tend to be loners and lovers of solitude, isolation and the likes.

On the other hand, there are some Aquarians who cannot stand to be alone for 1 second. So there exist 2 extremes. I happen to fall under the lover of isolation.

I wrote an article years ago detailing how as a kid, I was a total isolationist, antisocial and introverted to the max.

I had social-anxiety issues out the wazoo. So much so that I flunked gym class every year of my entire school life, because I was so afraid to be seen around others! I mean, who flunks gym!? 😆

That perturbed my mother to the point where she wanted to seek “professional” help for me. It was that fucking bad (my self-isolationism and social-anxiety issues).

Thank goodness that I found the pick-up artist community and I was forced to crawl out of that shell of isolation!

Saying all that to say, at the core of my being, I don’t like company! I don’t like to be in other’s company. I prefer to be isolated, alone, with my other thoughts.

Every woman I hook up with, this personality issue of mines bugs them out. Whenever they want to come over, whether for sex or just to kick back, I reject them with a NO: full stop…period!

On a not-so detrimental note, I need to get shit done. When I’m alone, there’s all the time in the world to do stuff.

Having some chick loafing around my apartment or laid up in bed with me, is just a massive deterrent and distraction.

If I were to actually allow women to come keep me company on a nightly basis, where would I even get the time to write this posts and articles for you guys? 😉 I wouldn’t get the time!

On an even lighter note, this is also product of seduction/pickup as it relates to abundance and having options with women.

When you have no options, or very little options, you tend to latch onto the 1st girl who proposes company and so forth.

You begin to indirectly pedestalize and deify the snatch.

When you’re accustomed to dealing with a variety of women, you’re at liberty to reject and object to their desires as long as they don’t match up with your program.

Would a guy who operates from a frame of scarcity with women rejects a girl’s attempt to come by his place to “keep him company”?

Of course not!

Rejecting a woman’s proposal isn’t in the cards for such a guy.

I am here to teach and equip you guys over time, with the skills and tools which will enable you to possess the stuff it takes to blow women off and to become more selective than a kid in a candy store.

Stick around and you’ll quickly attain this power!

2 thoughts on “Most Times I Just Want To Be Alone In Solitude

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  1. I feel bad for that girl! You just gave her self esteem issues…smh! Unless she is confident in who she is…she probably thinking it’s something she did or didn’t do now!
    Did y’all hook up after this?


    1. She probably thinks there’s something wrong with her, totally not realizing I just prefer to chill by myself…unless the urge for sex hits. We didn’t hook up after this. This was last night when she messaged me on FB. Most of my posts are posted almost in realtime or the next day or so. But this was last night


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