The Cling Of Death…Girl 1 [Product Of Deep Seduction Part I]

“The Cling Of Death”

Of the women I pick up online, 3 in 10 are liable of becoming full-fledged stalkers, and or get super clingy and needy.

This girl here, I had picked her up- on Facebook- some weeks back, but haven’t been able to meet up with her.

Here are some random screenshots (in chronological order) from over the past week, just to illustrate how needy and clingy this girl has become. I’ll give my breakdown and deliberation at the end of it all.

Enjoy the clinging. 🙂

[Her messages in gray]

Okay, so that is all straight forward, clinging to an annoying degree.

Since I picked her (got her #) about 3 weeks back, plans to meet up with her had fallen through on 2-3 different occasions.

She’s been dying to finally meet me, hang out and to hook up.

In addition to that (dying to meet up), she’s been stalking my every movement on Facebook. If I post a status and she sees other women, particularly those hotter than her, commenting on my stuff, she gets annoyed, and in turn will message me, inquiring about the possible relationship between the commenting girls and me.

It gets really freaking annoying to say the least.

I hear from this chick first thing in the morning like clockwork!

Whenever I don’t respond promptly: she makes a fuss!

Besides wanting to bang me, this chick comes off as if she were my damn mother keeping tabs on me!

This is really depressing at times!

Am I contributing to this clingery?

I wouldn’t say so.

If I were to take any blame here, I would for exhibiting the kind of game that gets women deeply hooked.

By all means; she is a very sexy girl. I can imagine she could get any guy she wants. Yet she’s getting all obsessive, possessive and needy over a guy (moi) whom she’d only met 3 weeks ago- ONLINE- and never met in person…yet.

Powerful stuff isn’t it?

It is the type of shit men wish for (to have girls chase them to death). But when it doesn’t happen, you realize quickly just how mentally draining it is to have a girl blow up your DM or ring your phone like a mad person.


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