Some PUA Tough Love

I received a message through my FB page from a young guy saying that he got rejected the previous night at a nightclub, and he wanted to know if I sometimes have nights like those where I get deflated due to rejections.

I answered him below.
[His message in gray. Mines in blue]

There is no such thing as failure/rejection!

Every night out in the field is a learning experience!

I don’t view my nights as awful based on the reaction of 1 or many women. So “NO”- I do NOT have awful nights in the field!

That is the frame you want to adopt: there is no such thing as a bad night!

Honestly, it irritates me whenever I receive such questions from guys who should know better.

I posted the following status to Facebook days ago.

I remember years ago, Sinn, the PUA instructor, went on a Twitter tirade, pissed over being inundated with newbie questions on common sense issues. At that time, I couldn’t comprehend why a PUA coach would lambaste newbies and respond to them so dickishly. Fast forward to the current times where I’m often inundated with messages from newbies, I often times get really annoyed and even angered at some of the game-related questions I get asked. It’s like, “Dude, don’t you have a fucking brain in your head in which to use common sense to answer your own fucking question!!!? Why would you even need to ask me such a question that a 5 year old could’ve comprehended, handled and taken action upon!!!?
Perhaps I’m being a huge dick, and just maybe- maybe- I don’t get it. But I now realize why coaches in the game develop this cranky, short-patience edge when it comes to handling questions from grown-ass men who can figure their own shit out!!
No wonder one of Jared Psych Laurence ‘s coaches (Nathan PUA) had to choke out a newbie student many years back @ an NYC bootcamp. The shit gets overwhelmingly frustrating @ times to have to show, tell and teach grown-ass men, how to virtually slide their dick into a vagina with the lights on! All in all; I don’t mine answering complex-game questions in relation to game, women, texting, etc. But don’t ask me any lame shit like, “what do I say next”, when you have a brain @ your disposal to answer that shit!!!!

Listen- truth is- I don’t mine answering complex questions on Game. I don’t even mine handling the basic stuff of Game. But when you’re faced with a situation that requires mere common sense, that will not go over well with me, nor does it with other advanced PUA’s and coaches.

On the old MPUA Forum, there was a rule which went something like this: no one- no newbie or student of the game- was allowed to ask any question without having tried a solution first, or without firstly exhausting the answers given by the advanced guys in the question forum on the forum. So essentially, you were barred from asking dumb questions which were either already answered, or require a common sense approach for an answer or solution.

Those who were guilty of asking (dumb) questions, were banned!

Example of a dumb question in game:
“A girl’s been ignoring my text messages. What should I do”?

The answer is clear: freeze her the fuck out! Stop texting her…until some days, weeks or months have elapsed!

This should be common sense! Girl ignores you? You don’t chase!

As far as the guy at the top of the post who had asked me about getting blown out repeatedly at the club, I find it to be rather dumb to ask what should be done. And I also found it to be as equally dumb to ask if I ever get blown out (rejected) and so forth.

I know any would-be follower of my method means well. But a bit of tough love every now and then is necessary to keep these guys in the right frame of mind.

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  1. Kenny He is a dick. We all get rejected sometimes for many varied reasons. Does not mean you should not try. Think of just communicating well with a women first. She may be beautiful but you may reject her because she is not suitable for you. The same attitude as a women has. Find the right one she will follow. Bloody lead the women if she decides she wants you.


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