How Not To Respond To A Girl Being Cold

This is totally the wrong way to go about a girl being unresponsive.

In fact, with this guy, the girl was responding. However, she was somewhat cold.

Days ago, a female on Facebook posted the following screenshots, in order to shame and out guys who show their lack of game and so forth.

The guy’s messages are in gray. Hers in blue.

Okay, so where did he go wrong?

First of all: never ask a girl, “what are you doing”, or, “what’s up”!

It is lame, generic and ticks women off because of its generic nature. So he went astray from right there.

Secondly, he didn’t have compliance from the girl, yet he tells her he’s going to be in (her) town tomorrow morning.

Okay- fine! But so what!! What the fuck do you expect the girl to say to that!!!? Did he expect her to say, “Okay that’s lovely that you’ll be in my town tomorrow! Let’s grab a smoothie”!


As the guy, he was supposed to tell the girl his plan and intention: “Hey, I’m gonna be in your town tomorrow. We should grab a pizza and bore each other to death with small talk”.

Point is: he foolishly neglected to give the girl a reason (or a point) to want to meet with him, since he neglected to mention any meet-up plan! Because of that, the girl rightly replied with, “what does this (coming to the girl’s town) have to do with me”?

He then further went on to drop more points by complimenting the girl in the cheesiest way possible (without having compliance) by telling her, “you look so beautiful and sweet”!

No dude! Haven’t you read my fucking blog!!!?

You don’t dish out a cheesy-generic compliment; especially when the girl has already deemed you as clueless via of her snarky remark!

Complimenting a stranger on a whole- in and of itself- is bad! But it is EXTRA bad when you do so on a downward spiral, where the girl had basically said something bitchy to you!

Why do guys choose such a moment (when the girl is acting bitchy) to go cheesy with the compliments? Because AFC’s (Average Joes) are still under the illusion that complimenting a bitchy, and or hot girl, will defuse her bitchiness and gain her favor by getting on her good side.

Essentially, it is a strategic ruse by clueless men in hopes of flattering the bitchy girl into being nice.

This absolutely never works!

Anyway, to make matters worse, from the screenshot (on the left side), I’m seeing that he contacted her again saying, “good morning”.

In a recent post, I touched on how generic texts such as, “good morning” and “what’s up”, are tantamount to nailing your own coffin shut…with yourself inside the coffin.

If you don’t have value in the eyes of the girl, she will react to a simple and innocent “good morning”, as if you’d told her to “go fuck yourself”!

This guy, clearly in the eyes of the girl, had no (social) value, no compliance and no attraction (based on his vibing…or lack thereof). So messaging “good morning” with such a deck stacked against you, will only cause Perturbation.

The uselessness of the ranting in the guy’s messages (in gray) on the right side of the screenshot above, was self-explanatory.

What’s so ironic about this (their text exchange) is that the guy could’ve totally turned this around by attracting the girl through drama.

Here’s the deal: as long as the girl is responding to your messages (whether positively or negatively), it means that she is invested. And as long as the girl is investing, it means that she is open to being picked up.

This guy clearly didn’t know that, just as hardly any of us guys would’ve known that.

It was Todd Valentine, the PUA instructor for the RSD company, who said: “I would rather get a negative response from the girl than no response at all”.

No response from the girl is absolutely the worst-case scenario. If she doesn’t reply; you have no shot of picking her up.

Saying that bit to say, I could’ve totally flipped this debacle, and I always do.

It is a treasured yet sorta complex routine/technique of mines, dubbed “seducing girls through drama”.

The reason I developed it was by chance actually. I’d gotten myself in a few sticky situations trying to game girls on online-dating sites some years ago. But then I realized that although the girl and I were arguing, I could still flip the set and get her to like me. Then it became a routine of mines in handling bitchy, snarky, attitudish girls.

Okay, back to the end of the text exchange. So even when he called her a fat cow, her response was rather relenting and non-combative. At that point, he could’ve totally turned around the set by relenting also, even apologizing, then work some charm game.

In either case, this was just a great example of how not to respond to a girl being cold via messaging.

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