Don’t Be So Fast On Pulling The “Delete” Trigger [Online-Game Pointers]

Less than a month ago, I added this random HB8 to Facebook (the chick pictured above), with the intention of hitting her up, charm her a bit, and set up a rendezvous in the hopes of sex.
Thus, I threw my opener at her back on August 25th.
[My messages in blue]

[Above] She replied 3 days later about being a hustler, which is why she’s so busy.

Weeks go by without a response from her, to my question (above) about her availability to chitchat.

This morning [Tuesday], I noticed that she was online, so I felt as though she was blatantly ignoring me for some unknown reason.

I decided to hit her up again via inbox (this morning) before 7 AM about slowing the hell down if she’s always busy and hustling.

[My messages in blue]

[Above] A very ballsy opener on my part, since at that point, she could’ve basically blocked me for being obnoxious. But that’s a gamble I took, knowing that women respond to guys who are cocky, dominant, assholish, etc. As you could see, by doing that, I was able to get a response from her again after weeks. Although I was being somewhat pushy, I wasn’t coming across as needy.

I absolutely didn’t buy her story about not having Messenger and so forth. I think she flat-out ignored me because women tend to go into auto-piloted mode once some guy inboxes them- since chances are- the guy is likely some AFC Beta-Male ready to ass kiss them.

Hence, she had all reasons to surmise that I was just another pussified chode flooding her inbox.

However, my hunch told me that she’d scanned my profile and seen how high value I was, and then she decided to engage me, upon realizing that I was Alpha. 😉

Sensing that if this girl’s story was genuine, I had no time to waste, so I acted swiftly on trying to #-close. She basically asking me “how’s eveything”, was my cue to act now before some more weeks go by without a response!

[My messages in blue]

[Above] Here’s the thing: I currently reside in the Caribbean islands, in a 2-island state next-door to each other. I work and reside on 1 island, but hop the ferry or plane to the other island virtually every weekend to date, party and get laid.

Kenny ferrying to the neighboring island about 30 minutes away

Either way, the reception was great as you seen when the girl mentioned, “looking forward to meeting you”…meaning me.

When going for a fast phone number because of stringent time-constraints, what I usually do is tell the girl that I want her # in order to hit her up (on Whatsapp or otherwise) later in the week. Why do I ensure to say “later in the week”? You want to give the girl a sense of assurance that you won’t be bombarding her on day 1 with texts and calls, upon getting her phone number. Thus, you allay the girl’s fear of that happening, by telling her that you want to hit her up later in the week, or even next week. Additionally, it sub-communicates to the girl that you aren’t needy and desperate, but high value, with other shit going on for yourself.

No need to say, but the #-close was successful…as expected.

Although I was being insistent on gaining her attention, was I needy about it? No! I was dominant but not needy.

It is very clear that this chick is up for seeing me whenever I decide to organize the meetup for drinks…which is code language for, “Let’s have sex”.

Also, what did I do at the very end upon securing her #?

One of my usual routines: I SAY BYE!!!

I told her I’ll hit her up near the weekend.

Not only does this make me appear high value and important in her eyes [telling her bye before she does it to me], but it shows her that I am socially intelligent enough to not try to keep her there messaging back and forth as if I had nothing better to do.

On a final note, another concept that I revolutionized and pioneered in the PUA community in regards to social-media game, is the concept of “waiting before nexting/deleting the girl”!

Most guys in pickup are so hawkishly dogmatic about certain theories and concepts of the game, that they fail to become malleable and flexible in their approach to the game.

I come across tons of PUA’s running Facebook Game, who routinely delete/unfriend or block girls for not replying promptly or at all.

Admittedly; I was the same! If a chick on Facebook didn’t reply to my message(s) within 1 hour, I would either block or delete her.

By doing this, I was losing a decent portion of girls whom I could’ve picked up.

That’s when I hit the proverbial laboratory and began analyzing this whole arbitrary nexting thing.

Wha I’m about to tell you will strike you as utterly contradicting on all fronts…but here goes: Women are never busy, and surely never too busy to reply to your messages! on the other hand, women have so much shit going on (online) that it is almost impossible for them to get back to you in prompt fashion!

Sheer contradiction!

Here’s the deal though: sure women get hundreds of messages on a weekly basis and there is no way possible for them to check them all. However, the messages that a girl likely ignores are the ones from Beta-Males who are kissing her ass.

Women read every message! But they only respond to the ones they find as valuable.

With this girl here, by all means, she thought that I was 1 such guy: a loser and a kiss-ass looking to scoop her poop on Messenger. However, she found out otherwise, likely via my Facebook status updates.

Again- this is another instance where posting the right shit to social media will attract women- just as I taught you in a recently published post.

Also, your messages must come off as non-needy!

When that is all said and done, it is well worth it to exercise some patience and keep those girls in the loop, even though they’ve been ignoring your messages.

There could exist a genuine reason as to why they couldn’t get back to you! But if you take premature actions towards deleting them (or blocking), then all hope is lost!

Therefore, before nexting another girl whom you suspect is intentionally blowing you off, you may want to keep her around just in case she comes around to replying.

With this girl here, it was a great example of just that. I’d messaged her since last month with just 1 reply in return which could’ve been deemed a brush off.

As usual, I went on to gaming other girls, then decided to give her another shot weeks later. Lo and behold: she engaged me earlier today.

That’s how you want to work it!

Lastly, by no means am I telling you to just wait around on this 1 girl to reply and engage you textually!

Game on! Game other girls!

You’ll be amazed when your inbox goes off and it’s a message from the girl who hadn’t gotten back to you in days, weeks or months.

Also, perhaps it was an oversight! The girl might have just missed your message, or it somehow got lost in the rubble of messages she receives on a daily basis. So hit her up again days or weeks later as I did, just to somewhat ping her again and to keep your message at the top of the pile.

Are there instances where I just flat out dismiss and defriend girls on Facebook?


However, those are situations where the girl might have made some snarky, bitch remark towards me on her post, which turned me off royally! Because of her attitude, compounded by the fact that she’s been ignoring my inbox messages, I would likely unfriend her and move on!

Apart from that, I keep girls around and try to charm then on their posts until they either reply, or I hit them up again just to see what gives.

I leave you with these 2 videos of mines (related to the topic at hand).

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