Day2 & Day3 With Brit Cougar

Okay, so upon picking up the Brit at the nightclub on Friday (Sep’ 9th), I knew that I had to act swiftly on the follow-up game, simply because she’s essentially a tourist who only had a few days left (I assumed).

Generally, I wouldn’t #-close a chick in the nightclub since she’s prone to forgetting when her inebriation wears off.

Anyway, on Sunday, I rang the house # which she gave me. She picked up, was a bit confused (so was I), but she verified that she remembers me.

Me: “I would like to meet up sometime tonight. What are your plans”?

Cougar: “I don’t have any. When would you like to meet”?

Me: “Soon as possible. Perhaps in the next half hour”.

Cougar: “Make it a hour since I have to bathe and stuff”.

We then worked out the particulars of the rendezvous.

I didn’t want to re-ring the house #, so I got her mobile # instead in order to hit her up on Whatsapp.

Problem was: I couldn’t get the frikkin’ UK number sorted out, so I took to Facebook in search of some answers from my fellow PUA buddies who reside in the UK.

Off to the Day2 I went.

My texts in green

The screenshot below pretty much sums up how the night went.

I was rather disappointed since it turned out to be a crowd affair.

Day3…Last Night

Act while the iron is hot!

Too many guys are under the illusion that they have to wait a week or more before setting up the date, etc.

You do NOT!

The swifter the better!

Realize that chicks are frikkin’ bored and have nothing to do.

Last night, we established the particulars of the Day3.

My texts in green

The “licking ice cream off toes” rendezvous didn’t actually work out (fell through at the last second). So we settled on a bit of the sme from the previous night (Sunday).

I can’t say much about this situation as yet, due to the sensitive nature of certain details. So I will have to cut this field report short.

Just for the record: I did not get to sleep with her last night. We merely hung out and watched a movie (“The Babysitters” or something like that).

In the coming days, I will speak more about this.

In any case, I just wanted to showcase to you guys how wise and prudent it is to learn game on a holistic level.

Learn how to cold approach women, included how to pick up girls online.

The world knows that I am super adroit and skilled in the art of picking up girls online.

However, I am just as deadly in the old art of cold approaching random hot girls on the streets and picking them up.

If you want to learn how to cold approach, and how to effectively pick up girls on the streets (or bars), you can purchase “From Streets to Sheets”.

Heres a snippet from the Sunday night day 2 on the verandah of the Cougar.

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