Being An A**hole With Women

Sure, sure, sure, I was a bit of an asshole for this one…but I can explain.

Days ago, this random chick adds me on Facebook, then hits me up minutes later.

My hunch told me that she’s a catfish and that this was likely a fake account.

After scanning her profile briefly, I realized that it was in fact a REAL profile ran by a real person.

Either way, I was still feeling a bit dickish and decided to give this chick a hard time nevertheless.

Why was I so hard on her?

Frankly, minutes prior to her inbox message, coincidentally, I’d posted a status to Facebook saying how women have shitty game, and they would hit up high-value guys, expecting the guy to carry the convo.

In addition to that, in that post, I had mentioned that women ask the same lame-generic ass questions that AFC’s do: “how are you, what’s your name, what are you up to”?

I just wasn’t in the mood to entertain that sort of shenanigans, so I blew this chick off until she eventually deleted or blocked me for being a dick.

No problem in my book.

You lose some: you win some!

In addition to that, when you begin to attract lots of women, you simultaneously develop a derisive and dismissive attitude towards women.

This can be good and bad…but mostly good.

What's your view?

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