“Why Don’t Your Womanizing Posts On Social Media Turn Women Off”?

A great question which I get asked at times is: “Why don’t women seemingly get turned off by the fact that you post womanizing and pick-up artist related stuff to Facebook, where they can clearly be seen”?

In the past, I would even ask myself that, “How am I attracting these girls when they clearly see the type of stuff I post”!!?

Then I came to my senses rather quickly upon the acknowledgement of pre-selection and social value, and how they work to create attraction by sparking challenge and so on.

In conjunction with that, you also have the little reality that women tend to interpret a guy’s recklessness as attraction.

What do I mean by this exactly?

Allow me to cite a few synopsis here.

Women are undoubtedly drawn to action heroes, rockstars (musical and otherwise), badboy types and the rebels.

What do those guys all have in common?


They are untamed…or at least they pretend to be in the case of an actor.

However, the keyword as far as synonym here is wildness.

Women are drawn to guys who have this wildness and recklessness about themselves.

I wrote a post to Facebook some weeks ago, detailing the underlying reasons for why women are so attracted to badboy types: and that is because within every girl, therein lies a maternal instinct. Her natural role is to care, tame, pamper and nurse.

In plainer language: she feels a need to fix a man!

You can’t fix something that isn’t broken, which is largely why women aren’t attracted to nice guys.

There’s nothing to fix in a quote-unquote nice guy!

He’s already fixed/tamed!

Hence, there’s no draw/attraction there between a woman and a nice guy.

With a rebellious man on the other hand, he presents women with the natural challenge of trying to fix him.

That is her duty by nature!

When you’re unbridled, you present women a challenge which hints to her maternal inclinations!

Saying that mouthful to say; why aren’t women repelled by the “radical” stuff I post to my Facebook, but drawn besides themselves? Because they see something in me that they can or should (attempt to) fix!

To be clear here- by “radical”- in no way do I mean radical shit as in “let’s go out and kill a bunch of people”! I mean radical in the sense of dating, advocating One-Night Stands, 4-somes, etc.

Those are pretty radical position points in contrast from what the romcom and mainstream media give us about what dating should be.

In any case, with that maternal instincts of females taken into consideration, you get a much clearer picture of why it is that scores of women are attracted to badboy types, assholes, jerks, aggressive types, jocks, women-beaters, you name them.

To women, those guys need nurturing, good rearing, to be taken care of, to be understood, etc.

Now- the thing is- I am none of those guys by any stretch of the imagination: I don’t hit girls, I am not a jock, not an aggressive male, not a badboy (actually an ultra-nice guy @ heart), and so on.

However, I convey these things (unhindered, bad, rebellious, asshole, cocky, jerkish) through my status updates on social media.

Therefore, you don’t actually have to be a bad boy in order to attract hordes of hot women. Just simply play the fucking part!

Your posts should reflect that of someone who’s unhinged, unbridled, opinionated, rebellious, cocky and jerk-like.

Ninety percent of my posts on Facebook are PUA, dating and sex related, yet they reek with the stench of badboyism, womanizing, cockiness, opinionatedness…you get the picture.

Do I ever get shot down by a girl because of the stuff I post?


Anyway, stay tuned guys. Some interesting posts will be coming; including the post of screenshot montage of the stuff I post to Facebook.

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