Virgo: My Achilles Heel In The Lay Department

“I knew she was a Virgo”!!!

Okay, so I don’t usually out chicks publicly. But this 1 was way too interesting to not do so (plus I got the go-ahead from the chick beforehand. She’s a good sport).

I wrote a post the other day to Facebook, about Virgos, and how they actually believe (or pretend to believe) that they’re virgins.

With that, they will often times go to the extent of not giving up sex just to create this mythical image of a Virgin (Virgo).

Most guys don’t buy into the Astrology thing.

I on the other hand do!

I think it should go hand in hand with picking up women.

Saying that bit to say, whenever I back check the women who gave me this virgin snobby attitude in the seduction phase of the Game, almost all of them were Virgos (literally all)!

Now I’m not talking about standard LMR (Last Minute Resistance) that every girl gives guys as we say in pickup.

I’m talking about lying in bed with a girl, butt-ass naked and she pretends as though she doesn’t want it, then berates you for trying to get it.

I mean, it’s just LMR on a different level with Virgos.

Anyway, with this chick pictured below, someone who commented on my Virgo post the other day, she slept in my bed about 4 years ago [I picked her up on POF actually].

She went as far as to insinuate and to remind me (or imply) in the comments, that because of her Virgo nature, she withheld sex from me.

By all means I tried to shag her! But she pulled that extra Virgin shit on me the entire night. Butt-ass naked in my bed…but didn’t want to give it up because she felt it was beneath her [her words at the time].

Although I was upset as fuck and wanted to kick her ass out; I swallowed my pride and went to sleep cuddling 😦 .

It’s funny how we remained good friends to this day….and that was like 4 years ago.

All in all, I do believe that a girl’s sun sign largely dictates her behavior, personality, actions and so forth.

You may not! But from my experience; the shit has credence!!!

Just to emphasize: when I back check the birthdays of the girl over the years who had slept in my bed but got away unscathed, they were all Virgos!

Now- if that doesn’t blow your fucking mind as it did mines: then I don’t know what would!

Although I don’t take into consideration much, a girl’s sun signs during the pre-sex phase of the pickup. After the lay however, my actions and how I perceive the girl’s actions, are pretty much based on her sun sign.

From my experience with fuck-buddies, friends-with-benefits, etc. I know that Libras are prone to flaking way more than those of the other 11 signs.

Hence, whenever I’m trying to set up a booty-call, I am well mindful of the fact tha a Libra is prone to bullshit me, prone to waver and to become a creature of indecision.

With all that taken into consideration, I am way more able to manage my shit (such as expectations) and to keep a cool head because I know what’s driving these girl’s actions behind the scenes.

5 thoughts on “Virgo: My Achilles Heel In The Lay Department

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  1. Hi Kenny You are correct about Virgos. I am a Virgo male. One of my girlfriends is a Virgo. A Virgo male understands how their mind works.Get her to go on a one night forget it.When she is in love with you.She is very passionate and adventurous.Lucky lucky man to get a Virgo female.Do not let them know that you have another girlfriend. They are jealous as hell. They would not forgive you.They would cut off your dick. ha ha. Clean freaks they will worry where your dick has been.
    Virgo males are the same selective and clean. A woman that offers you sex on the first date.Yuck Yuck. Why you may ask Kenny because she wants you for lust not real communication.


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