Another Easy FB Pickup Of A DTF Girl…As A Result Of My Status Updates [09-04-2016]

Just to show you guys that this is not a fluke [getting girls to chase for sex], I decided to compose another post similar to the previous article, however with less screenshots and less time-consuming.
For starters, I just want to point out that girls aren’t waking out of bed DTF for DTF sake. I make them DTF from the stuff I post to social media!

A girl who’s DTF for me, will likely tell you to “fuck off”! Not because I’m any better than you are on an intrinsic and human level. But because of styles and approaches.

Your style is lame! Mines is some rockstar shit!

DTF-ery from a girl’s frame, isn’t a free-flowing mind state that is present all across the board, engulfing everyone in its path.

In plainer language: a DTF girl doesn’t remain DTF regardless of the guy(s) she’s presented with.

A chick isn’t going to fall atop the cock of a chodey dork just because Kenny made her DTF.

A girl who’s DTF is only DTF in the present moment for a certain guy.

Saying that bit to say, my social-media posts bring out the innate DTF nature in the girls who are viewing my stuff.

Since they are my posts and updates- the girl becomes DTF for me- the guy behind the posts…which can also be you…as long as you implement my method half-way correct.

Anyway, enough of the prelude. So as you’ll see in the screenshot below, this girl and I became friends on Facebook on Aug 2nd. She inboxes me Sunday morning (our first time communicating).

BTW, this girl had never commented on any of my status before.

No time to waste any time! She basically picked me up.

I mention ad nauseum how women have no game. This chick exemplifies just how sucky women game is when she shot 3 questions straight at me in rapid succession:

1.) “Do you have Whatsapp”

2.) “Do you live in ****

3.) “Do you have a GF”

She then threw her phone # @ me, in order to hit her up on Whatsapp Messenger.

Side note: when a girl throws her # at you, without you even asking for it, there should be no ambiguity as to whether she likes you or not.

Also, I am certain that this chick had seen/read my FB statuses (as all women do), even though she never commented neither hit like. This goes back to a salient point I made a while back that everything you post, women see/read it! Hence the reason you should be oft-careful to not continue to post the same low-value shit (such as sports links) that you’re accustomed to posting.

Anyway, before I even got the chance to hit her up, she messages me on Whatsapp (her texts in white].

Apparently, she made it clear that she doesn’t bull…which I guess meant she doesn’t bullshit around…which is even better.

She even went on to send me a pic of her bare tits upon my request. 😯

DTF for certain!

Again guys: these girls are no exceptions or outliers, but the norm.

Do I get ugly ones, and those who aren’t to my liking, throwing themselves at me via inbox?


I would be cordial at best then eventually blow them off by not responding to their subsequent communiques.

Per day, I would get about 3 girls randomly message me with this sort of “straight-up vibe”. Of the 3; 2 of them would be reasonable hot, and the remainder an ugly duckling.

In any case, women throw themselves at me- not because of my Adonis-like looks (which I don’t have). But because of my high-value vibe which is given off through my status updates.

I create the environment for women to actively chase me, which is unnatural for women to do since their biological and historic role are to be chased and courted, and not to be the chasers and courters of men.

Looks have absolutely SHIT to do with why women chase me online, and why I have so much success offline!

Looks don’t fucking matter!

Kenny pulling 18 year old

I keep telling you guys that! As you can see from the pic of myself above: I am no Hollywood-esque nor male-model in the face kind of guy. But it doesn’t matter because I carry myself (my vibe) as though I’m the hottest shit since Denzel!

Give a butt-ugly guy my game tools, and he could pull 100 times more girls (online and in person), than the most handsome chap on the globe who solely relies on his physical affectations (looks) in order to get laid!

On another note, there are bound to be guys who’ll say: “Kenny, the reason you’re able to pick up tons of girls on Facebook and elsewhere is because you’re going after easy sluts! You’re cheating by selecting easy targets”!

I hear that quite often from naysayers.

I simply laugh because these guys have no clue.

I do NOT possess some sort of tangible apparatus which pings me every time there’s a DTF chick in sight.

Before opening a girl, I have no idea of knowing whether she’s DTF, easy of Mother Teresa incarnate.

I go after what I like! She either bites or she doesn’t! But there’s no real sign in which I act upon which tells me that a girl is easy or difficult.

I must confess though: I do know of certain signs to look for…but those can only be seen in person and not through still photos.

Additionally, I say this to those same guys who trash my game:

“If the girls I pick up are inherently easy targets, then why aren’t you picking up easy targets left to right on social media”?

Moreover, the girls who appear easy and DTF for me, would come off as royal bitches to the average Joes out there.

Hence, this dichotomy goes to shore up my previous point that a girl could become DTF for you, but then turn around and totally berate and scold another guy for trying to hit on her.

Saying that bit to say: girls who appear easy for me, would likely put up a wall of resistance of death against a low-value chode.

Again- not because I’m anything special- but because 98% of guys suck ass at attracting women: whether online or offline.

Ultimately- with this girl here- she just wants to hook up (that’s apparent) as all women do. She doesn’t have to verbalize this, but her mere actions show it.

On a final note, I just wanted to showcase to you guys that my previous post was not a fluke. But something that is self-replicating on a daily basis! And the moment you begin to implement my Facebook method, you’ll begin to realize this effect.

Oh- Be reminded that I’m currently working on a post which will included a montage of my most recent status updates which serve to attract women and have them chase!

Want to learn how to attract hot women on social media?

Grab my easy guide on picking girls on Facebook.

It will only cost you $16! Well worth your moola and some $$ saved on purchasing online-porn subscriptions! 😉

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  1. Hi Kenny In the main like you they contact me first. A easy lay can be a hard lay if a man is stupid & does not understand a woman’s game.You obviously know this.Keep up the good work in helping men.


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