Proof That Using My Facebook Method Will Have Girls Inboxing You Desperately For Sex [Sep 2-4, 2016]

Your social-media postings and status updates could either attract women, repel women or do neither.

Most guys are either stuck in the repel or neither/neutral categories.

Only a lucky few- a minuscule bunch- would have fount themselves attracting the attention of women.

In this post, I will give you my usual play-by-play of an online pickup of another total stranger on the internet.

With this girl, I had added her on Facebook, literally 5 days ago.

From the get-go, she made a comment or 2 on my statuses and hit like here and there.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Friday afternoon, she inboxes me. Our first time directly communicating besides her comments on my posts.
[Her messages in gray]

[Above] Me having her crack up, calling me crazy and saying that I don’t know how to behave, are in reference to an obnoxious status I posted minutes before she inboxed me.

Note: whenever a girl calls you “Crazy”, it is generally a great sign of attraction for you…unless you’re officially and clinically diagnosed LOCO!

[Above] As usual, my banter, humor and wits game are on full display. Quickest and most effective way to attract and hold the attention of hot girls online (and in person) is to make them laugh. The path to easy pussy is through laughter.

[Above] I then forced an indirect acknowledgment that she likes me (“crazy” guys): everything about me for that matter (she likes).

She goes further to relay to me her deep attraction for me (my vibe) by saying that whenever she wakes, I am the reason she gets on Facebook. Whether this is true or false; it’s besides the point! The key IOI (Indicator Of Interest) lies in the fact that she would even tell me this.

BTW, whenever a girl asks you about your sign, or asks any unorthodox question on her own volition, it is usually a sign of interest.

[Above] Okay, so why did I even mention tongue and naughty? Well, I was planting sexual seeds and steering the conversation to a sexual one. I don’t want to run the risk of landing myself into the friendzone (something that could never happen BTW), so that is why I made a sexual declaration just so she knows this isn’t some platonic bullshit.

[Above] Again, I kept up the sexual insinuations by making mention of Libras and Aquarians making good sex. This of course cannot be verified; but it doesn’t goddamn matter! Had she said she were an extraterrestrial born in the early quarter of the month of November, I would’ve told her that Aquarians and E.T. Scorpios were sexually compatible! You get the point! Not only does this show wits on my part, but it shows sexual leading.

What was the net effect of me making 2 sexual declarations so early during the chat? She follows my lead/frame and mentions that she’s loves sex. 😉 See how powerful my timing was in getting this girl to admit that she loves sex?

[Above] Always reward a girl for being on board while you play it cool. Hence, because she said that she loves sex (a very good thing BTW 🙂 ), I rewarded her by saying “we’re on the same page”. However, I played it cool instead of getting all bent out of shape and overly excited like a kid playing with a new toy. You want to act as though women throwing themselves at you sexually, is the norm! That is the vibe I gave off here.

Moreover, she mentioned being tired from work but she can use a good fucking at the moment. Why didn’t I jump on it, grab her # and go fuck this girl? Well- in reality- I wasn’t busy. But I said so in order to feign hard-to-get 😈 . Additionally, it was approaching 6 PM Friday evening, and I had a meetup for that evening with Nerd Girl. So in essence, I was to be busy. In hindsight, I should’ve gone to bang this chick and then went on the D4 with nerd girl, or say “to hell with nerd girl” altogether!

[Above] Always be a challenge to women! Never sell yourself easily (just as how a woman will play as though she isn’t easily fuckable)! Hence, “Don’t play with fire”! Just as the case with another girl I’d spoken about in a recent post, this chick had also seen my FB status about having 3 inches 🙂 . Well- I don’t actually have 3 inches, but I like telling girls that because it creates drama, intrigue and makes me appear confident (which guy would publicly flaunt that he has a 3 inch dick?).

In a nutshell, this is a very powerful-seduction tactic called “False Disqualifier”! Here is the psychology behind a well-placed False Disqualifier: which guy in his right mind would say something to women, which according to conventional wisdom, is supposed to turn women off? No guy does that…except a skilled seducer! 😉 Whenever you tell a girl something that flies in the face of what a guy should ordinarily say to a woman he fancies, it builds interest opposed from disinterest.

Moreover, telling girls that I have a 3 incher, establishes a very crucial ingredient to the overall attraction: it makes me look confident in that I don’t give a shit about saying something to women that one would expect to turn women off! Chicks find this ultra-sexy (a guy who doesn’t give a shit about pleasing women in the sense of trying to fit their ideal mole of an attractive man).

Anyway, I then sent her 3 dick pics in order to confirm my 3 inches. Apparently, she was able to see that it wasn’t 3 inches. 👿 All in all, I was planting the sexual seed bright and early.

[Above] The sexual spike (via the dick pic) worked to great effect, indicative of her words, “looks tasty”. Whenever you send a girl dick pics, you want to do so with tact and at the most opportune time. Most guys send dick pics at the absolute wrong time, ultimately making women cringe in disgust. Your dick pic should have women go, “tasty”, and not, “fuck off…you rapist”! I’ve yet to have a girl chide me out, block me, or respond negatively to me sending her an unsolicited dick pic. It all comes down to timing and attraction. If the girl is attracted to you (your vibe), then she will accept virtually anything you do as a positive.

Again- whenever a girl calls you a perv or crazy, in such a context as this girl did, it is an SOI (Sign of Interest)! Guys generally misinterpret a girl calling them pervy to mean something negative. Well- it is…as long as your game sucks!

Challenge put to her, she accepts (“hell yh”)!

[Above] Just to show how much she appreciates my sexual vibing and sexual leads, and how DTF she has become for me, she sends me a pic of herself, seductively sucking on a banana as if to simulate a blowjob. 😯 I didn’t even ask her to send me a pic. If a girl takes the initiative to send you pics (especially of a sexual nature), it is clearly a sign of interest in you.

[Above] I issued another challenge when I said she has the chat but cannot back it up. The dynamics here that I was setting is that I am the prize, I am the one of higher value, and she must prove to me that she’s qualified to get my attention. That is the vibe I set! It isn’t the case where I’m chasing her trying to prove my worthiness. It is the other way around. Again- which guy does this with women? A guy who’s very much in demand, in command and sex-worthy…such as a celeb, rockstar, billionaire, etc. As I eluded to in the recent post about Usain Bolt; you don’t have to be wealthy, nor a celebrity in order to give off such a prize-worthy vibe to women! Your attitude alone can convey this!

[Above] No more reason to waste time, so I grabbed the # which was all academic at that point. Moreover, I played a bit hard-to-get and reserved by telling her I was busy…which I wasn’t 😉 , but I was merely preserving some value. As expected, she coughed up the digits without a hiccup.

In any case guys, that was all Friday evening. I didn’t attempt at all to meet up with her, largely because I had plans with nerd girl.

[Above] The Saturday morning- 3:42 am as you seen in the screenshot above- she hits me up on Messenger…at 3:42 AM!

I was wide awake because I was at the nightclub as I cited in the last post about the Day4 with nerd girl.

What this really shows though, wasn’t just her desperation to get laid, but it shows just how crazy it is that women are going to bed at night without getting shagged. Although every girl has scores of men whom they could sleep with at a drop of a dime: women will hardly ever chose the options she has, since 99% of those guys are lame-ass weirdo provider-types who’d been friendzoned by her. So in spite of the fact that women have tons of options, they hardly use them!

[Above] Later on the Saturday noonday, she hits me up again like crazy, trying to wake me, essentially wanting to shag down. She’s in full chase mode for sex! Sending 5 messages without getting a reply from me. This isn’t supposed to happen to women; especially the ones who aren’t ugly! But when dealing with a guy who’s sex-worthy; women cannot help but chase and chase a sex-worthy Alpha.

[Above] Since sending me messages after messages won’t work; why not call? So she rings me like 4 times through Messenger…to no avail. Honestly, I was knocked-out cold in LaLa land, completely exhausted from the night at the club.

[Above] Now, she tries to regain value and save face because she’d desperately chased me, so she said that texting me 5 times is a lot, as if to say that this is beneath her and out of the ordinary (to chase/text a guy so much without a reply). Technically; it is unusual! This is likely the first time in her life that she has had to chase a guy so desperately for sex!

As if texting me to death wasn’t enough, she wanted to know where I live. Another indication that she was full-on attracted to me…and DTF! BTW, I am very familiar with her part of town, so that’s a plus just in case I wanted to see her the Saturday night.

[Above] I was telling her that I went through her pics on FB but she doesn’t have much pics. So that’s why she mentioned not being a pic-lover.

[Above] She makes fun of my fictitious 3 inches…which is all good nevertheless.

I pulled another proverbial takeaway by telling her I’ll get back to her. What does this do on a psychological level? It shocks her to the core! Men aren’t supposed to be the ones telling girls “bye…ttyl”. Women have those rights reserved for them! They should be the ones snuffing and snubbing guys. But here it is, I am that rare guy telling her I’ll get back to her, and not the other way around. Powerful stuff on a subconscious and psychological level!

As if she didn’t already give me her #, she ensured to do it once more. Why did she feel an urgency to give me her phone number again? Because I didn’t call her upon getting her # initially. Most guys would’ve gone into chase mode upon getting the girl’s digits, and call her to death! I didn’t do that! I kept our communication somewhat impersonally…on Facebook. In itself, this is a “False Disqualifying” technique which deepens the attraction.

[Above] The Saturday evening, she wanted to know what was I doing. I threw a pitch to her about fucking her on her job since she works during the nights (upwards of 11 pm). As expected, she accuses me of having no good behavior. As mentioned earlier: it is always a plus whenever a girl says that you’re rude, crazy, perverted, etc…as long as you have value in her eyes that is…and you’re not actually some rapey perv.

Moreover, I didn’t for a second think she would say, “Okay come! Let’s fuck on my job”! As much as she was down for it, you should always bear in mind that women fear being perceived as dirty sluts. They would engage in slutry! But they don’t want to be perceived as sluts. By her saying to me, “come for a hug”, she was essentially agreeing to me banging her on the job…but cloaked in, “would love to give u a hug”. 🙂

You have to learn how to read women, guys!!!

Everything isn’t verbalized! In fact, hardly anything is ever verbalized with women! They give away themselves with subtle-verbal and non-verbal cues which the guy is expected to grasp and act upon.

Side note: while we were facebooking, I was actually driving to grab me something to eat. I had intentions to swing by her job site, park the vehicle nearby, have her meet me in the parked car, and bang the shit out of her then and there!

The pic post below depicts that moment.

[Above] She wanted to know if I were going to come by her job to collect my hug 😉 . I played hard-to-get again. I mean, aside from looking something to eat, I’d gotten caught up in a weird situation that I may blog about very shortly.

[Above] At that point, I was pretty much toying with her a bit. You may ask yourself; “Kenny, why the fuck didn’t you go see this girl”? In my defense: I was at the bar right at that moment after I’d gotten some grub. Not the most plausible excuse for not going to see this DTF girl…but I’ll explain shortly.

[Above] When I’d proposed swinging by her job and we “chill” in the parking lot for a bit, she told me that her coworkers were informants, and they would get all nosy as to why she’d left the compound.

Fair enough!

I could’ve also picked her up as she finished her shift, but I was having a drink @ the bar, and just wasn’t horny enough to go see this girl.

On a side note, when there exist numerous girls with which to hook up, no 1 girl really stands out. Additionally, you’re able to keep any inclination to desperation subdued and at bay.

In addition to that, here’s another secret of mines that I never disclosed to anyone before: at times, I have sex so often, that my cock is now bruised and tender from it.

This revelation in and of itself is a contradiction since I don’t have sex that often (perhaps once weekly).

Over the months, I haven’t given it much time to heal properly by abstaining from sex, as was advised by a physician the last time I had an STI and HIV test done about 6 months ago.

With that, if I were to have sex today (with or without condom), I would undoubtedly irritate the head of my penis, which would result in a somewhat bloated and swollen head…as a result of sexual intercourse.

Even if I were to masturbate semi-vigorously, I would still cause some form of irritation to the penis.

Therefore, I am advised to stay away from any form of penile stimulation: self-induced or otherwise. 😦

Abstinence definitely hasn’t worked out for me since I haven’t abstained…yet.

I am trying though, which is largely the reason I blew this chick off over the entire weekend.

My physician would totally be disgusted upon the revelation that I haven’t been abstaining from sex (while fapping). But have since triple-down since our last visit about 6 months ago! 😯 😯

In order to deal with the acute swelling and irritation, he recommends that I wash with salt water at least 3 times a week. This is largely to prevent any infection and to accelerate the healing process. But I must abstain for at least 2 months in order to realize full-penile recovery back to normalcy.

Okay, enough of the dick talk. Let’s conclude this post on a somewhat non-grotesque note. 🙂

Hopefully when you will have concluded the perusing of this article, you would’ve come away learning a few things about attracting women online (social-media platforms to be exact).

1.) Attraction has very little to do with looks

2.) Getting a girl to chase you for sex, also has very little to do with looks

Ultimately, getting girls to throw themselves at you desperately online, boils down to having the right online persona as illustrated in my Facebook Game products and method.

This by no means was just an outlier and a fluke [the interaction and pull of the girl spoken of].

This is standard operation when you will have employed my deadly Facebook pickup method!

All you’re required to do is to simply post the right shit via status updates!

That’s it! Well, almost it!

That is 80% of it [getting women to chase you].

The remaining 20% accounts for raw game at the inbox and messaging stage of the game.

I mean, the thing is, no matter how successful you are in managing to get a girl to chase you, you need decent frikkin’ text game in order to maintain/deepen the attraction, and to pull [get a phone #, date, etc]!

Everything ultimately comes down to having game (text game) during crunch time!

You could attract the girl out of this world with kick-ass status updates as I advise. If your texting resembles that of a clueless Beta-Male, then the lack of congruence will undoubtedly sink every single 1 of your potential pickups on social media (and in game in general).

For now though, presuming your text-game sucks donkey balls, you can always digest the plethora of information I’d put out since 2009 on how to text girls, via the page link below to my text-game archive.

The “Text-Game” Archive

In conjunction with that, if you do desire to attract and shag lots of hot women via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. it is incumbent upon you to pimp out your profile by posting high-value shit: the stuff that attracts women!!!

You are already well aware of the stuff (postings) that kills your lay-chances (or doesn’t help them). If you aren’t privy to those, allow me to enlighten you of the attraction-killers via status updates.

•Posts about how much you believe in your God and have faith

•Posts about your schooling as far as the humdrum of it all

•Posts about your family (members) and how much you enjoy being around them

•Posts about sports: Period!

•Posts which advocate blatant slut-shaming

•Posts about how bored you are, and how uninteresting your shitty life is

•Posts saying low-value stuff like, “Anyone wants to chill with me tonight”?

•Posts which depict you as a constant whiner in life: constant complaints about your job, salary, boss, singledom, etc.

•Posts saying, “off to work”, “off to school” or “off to church”. If you’re not saying, “off to the strip club”, then every other “off to”, will make you come off as lame and uninteresting. So make sure wherever you’re off to, is somewhere eyebrow-raising.

On that note, I will post a subsequent article, basically a screenshot montage of posts/statuses, which I post to my personal Facebook that manage to attract hot girls (even the ugly ones too 😉 ).

In the meantime, this chick hasn’t stopped hitting me up. Our chitchat continued on into Sunday and today (Monday) where she’d been sending me nudes of herself fingering her pussy. 😯

Will I eventually bang her?



2 thoughts on “Proof That Using My Facebook Method Will Have Girls Inboxing You Desperately For Sex [Sep 2-4, 2016]

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  1. Kenny you are right in online communication. A woman who wants you does not tell you directly that she wants you. I know a woman who has not been laid for a very long time. Years!! It is funny really. A women’s chat online her desires are hidden. A woman wants you to take the lead and they will follow. Make sure you are a Alpha male. Make sure you do as they expect. A very beautiful woman will not open herself to a Beta Male.Would James Bond fall at the first fence.No.


    1. Good points Frank. It goes to confirm what I was saying that there are women out there who haven’t been laid in a long time…though they have options. And also correct is her desires being hidden online. And I like how you summed it up about beautiful women not opening up to Beta Males


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