You’ve Finally Heard It From A Woman’s Mouth. Now …Will You Believe Me?

Minutes ago, after I’d posted the status to social media about guys with shitty game asking girls if they’re single, as expected, some friends of mines weighed in on the post with their take on things.

Most interesting though, is the lone female’s comment.

If you don’t want to take it from Kenny’s mouth, then maybe hearing it from a female will persuade you that you’re doing it all wrong!


Some telling shit, wasn’t it?

I spoke about this ad nauseum in the past: what is guy’s go-to opener online?


Lamest opener ever!

Sure it can work! But you have to have already had social value for a “hi” to not turn a girl off.

For most of us guys though (98+%) who don’t have social value (at least I do), inboxing girls with, “hi”, is akin to voluntarily pounding the final nail into your own coffin (however way that could be achieved from inside of the coffin).

Likewise with, “Morning”.

Terrible fucking way to break the ice!

It annoys women!

Just as asking a girl if she’s single is cause for annoyance!

On that note, if you desire to step outside of chode mode, and to get your game to another level: hit me up on Skype for personal coaching on the art of attracting hot women instantly online, by simple tweaks and hacks in your text game!

2 thoughts on “You’ve Finally Heard It From A Woman’s Mouth. Now …Will You Believe Me?

Add yours

  1. Right on lady. What are these men thinking.Text the right way. Learn with Kenny. Play your own game though after you have learnt the basics. Kenny understands Females.He understand their vibes and communication.All of this comes from experience. Another strong sexual word. Deeply delve into communication. Enter her emotions. Ha ha Frank.


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