Quick Sunday Post To Social Media: Women Love A**holes

I posted the following post to Facebook.

Sorry to say, but if I get a girl back to my pad (or hers) and she doesn’t eventually hook up with me [massive LMR]: I’d delete her # and totally forget that she ever existed…until months upon months later. With this chick here, I didn’t even remember blocking her on Whatsapp until she reminded me that I came over to her place but didn’t get to hook up. 😦 Interestingly enough, though I would next, delete and block chicks who don’t hooked up with me, whenever I do contact them months (even years later) about seeing them again, they’re always like, “okay…here’s my number”. This goes to show that most hot women love assholes and are attracted to men who treat them like disposables.

I think the status update speaks for itself.

Conventional wisdom would have it that if a guy rejects, blocks, deletes or cusses out a woman for not hooking up with him; she would totally not want anything to do with that guy again: PERIOD!!!

That is quite true!

However, it isn’t true in the case of badboys, assholes and skilled Pickup Artists (PUA’s) such as myself.

I routinely- and regularly I should say- block and delete girls who either play-hard-get beyond normal, and those who don’t give up the sex on the 1st meetup @ my pad.

If you don’t have this sort of leverage (social value) with women, then it’ll be next to impossible for you to get away with stuff like this (nexting a girl and getting her back).

Some more interesting stuff for you guys in the coming days.

One thought on “Quick Sunday Post To Social Media: Women Love A**holes

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  1. Hi Kenny If a woman wants to fuck you they decide.You can lead them to water it is up to them to drink it. A man leads a woman and she follows depending on her emotions at the time.Like a switch off or on. Kenny you know the words like Wet and Hard, Inside. A woman I had sexually flirted before with. She asked me what the weather was like. I answered it is raining hard today. It is very wet outside I am staying inside today. Instead of just writing it is raining. The ladies thoughts turned sexual. She was thinking of my hard dick and her wetness inside. She tells me she orgasms when I chat to her. My words went under her Radar and turned her on. She is a woman who dresses as a french maid. Likes role play. Likes to be dominated but also likes for me to be her slave.This woman likes Fifty shades of Grey. I put the silver balls inside of her she will do it without question.Then walk with them inside of her all day. A woman will do this if she feels she can release her sexuality on you.I wrote this not for you but for the guys who have not had this experience. keep up the good advice Kenny. regards Frank


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