Use This 1 Simple Word To Make Girls Chase You On Social Media [Curiosity Loop & Vague Comment)

The utilization of “Curiosity Loops” is 1 of my favorite PUA techniques to date.

It is a well asked-about routine for good reasons. But it’s very simple and effective nevertheless, yet I’m puzzled and somewhat annoyed that scores of guys still hit me up about Curiosity Loops and the sorts.

Okay, so in this short post, I will show you how to use vague messages and comments to capture a girl’s attention and make her want to know more.

Humans are humans, right?


Whenever we receive vague information, we have a natural inclination to want to make sense of it in order to gain closure.

Imagine receiving a vague threat. It’ll fuck with your head on many levels opposed to a direct and transparent threat.

With that being said, you should now know why a vague comment packs such a huge punch in generating curiosity which =”s attraction.

Here’s an example from 1 day ago via Facebook, where I commented on a girl’s status (with an ambiguous comment).

Okay, so what is this 1 magical word that I use to get girls chasing me on Facebook?


Yea; that’s it!


Doesn’t seem like much magic there you may say. So check it out. The girl posted a status and I comment with 1 word: “Interesting”. And look what a shit storm it started.

It’s like taking candy from a baby.

Essentially, she threw the digits at me because of the way I framed it (alongside using the magic word “Interesting”).

Along with the word “Interesting” which is vague/ambiguous in and of itself, I heightened the curiosity loop by saying to her, “can’t tell you in the comment section”.

Not only was she curios as to what I found interesting about her pic-post, but she was engaged and actively seeking to make sense of it all.

Obviously, had I told her then and there in the comment section what I found interesting (which was nothing actually), the interest/curiosity would’ve plummeted instantly!

That is the classic mistake guys make when they’re ought to reel the girl in. Instead, they foolishly give the girl closure by sharing with her the piece of info that she’s wanting to hear.

Withhold it!

This technique is also dubbed Cat-String Theory, symbolic of dangling a string in front of a cat, but pulling it away as the cat gets closer to grabbing the string.

This is essentially what you’re doing to the girl on a subconscious level by:

1.) Making a vague comment (i.e. “Interesting”)

2.) Withholding the info behind the ambiguous comment

Additionally, this is also done hand-over-fist in the news, movie and soap-opera industries.

In the opinion news, they’ll tease you brain by saying, “We have an exclusive story coming up about what Donald Trump (or Clinton) said about so and so, that will possibly cause him (or her) the general election. We’ll tell you what that is right after this brief break”.

The next segment returns from commercial break, and they still don’t exactly dive into the brain-teasing story exclusive until a later segment.

This is essentially Cat-String Theory technique along with the technique of building “Curiosity Loops” by withholding information that the viewer would want to hear.

Now do you get why it was so easy-breezy to have the girl in the screenshot above, chase me and throw her phone number into my lap without even asking?

The thing is too: you don’t necessarily have to have anything to say to the girl.

Let’s say after you would’ve used the “Interesting” gambit and the girl bites and says, “inbox me”. Or she voluntarily coughs up her digits in order for you to call/text her what it is you had to say: don’t for a minute think that there must be something newsworthy to share with her.

You can make some shit up if you want to. Or even better; you can keep putting it off some.

Girl: “So what was it that made you say ‘Interesting’ on my status”?

Me: “Nothing that important but I’ll share it with you in due time. BTW I’m Kenny”.


Aced it!

The immediate aim was to reel the girl in by getting her to either inbox you, tell you to inbox her, or to cough up her #.

After this would’ve happened, your secondary objective is to game on as you normally would.

How often would this work to such effect: almost every time I do it (which is rather sparingly), I get a great and similar response.

BTW, you may ask, “What are some other words that can be used to such great effect as “Interesting”?

In a context like this (commenting on a girl’s status): not many.

However, I did brainstorm a few…so here goes:

Thought So
Not Sure

If you can think of anymore: let it rip and leave them in the comments let’s see!

Have suggestions? Let’s see!

4 thoughts on “Use This 1 Simple Word To Make Girls Chase You On Social Media [Curiosity Loop & Vague Comment)

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  1. My point of view is this why in the world would you want a woman that publicly posts “EVERY LITTLE THING & DETAIL about her self, her life her struggles… Those things are kept secret for your private life, you don’t just give yourself away to anyone & everyone” it just doesn’t work like that……. Sad


    1. Question: are you a woman, or is this point of view from a male? I’d be hard pressed to believe that you’re a male. And I don’t quite get how your comment is relevant to what I wrote. Perhaps you can explain


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