Day4 Friday Night Field Report With Nerd Girl: Did I Get The F-Close?

The plan was to hit up a lounge, get a few drinks in the system and possibly pull the girl somewhere.

If you aren’t in the know as far as PUA lingo goes, a “Pull” (in this sense) translates to taking a girl home…or somewhere in order to try for sex.

I made it to the lounge around 7:30 last night. But then I spotted a girl, an HB6.5 [not the prettiest girl obviously if she’s a 6.5], whom I’d picked up some weeks back, but since discontinued gaming her because of non-DTF vibes.

I shot her a barrage of messages from across the room.
[My texts in green]

If you check the time stamp from the screenshots above, this went on passed 9 PM.

I was supposed to meet nerd girl by 7:30.

However I was having 2nd. thoughts about meeting up with nerd girl when I can gun for a easy lay with the HB6.5 with who I was texting right in the same venue as she sat in the corner sipping her cocktail.

While texting with the HB6.5 was going on, I’d hit up nerd girl, telling her that they didn’t have her favorite drink (Smirnoff Ice). Though I asked her if she’s busy and that I can come meet her now and head back to the lounge; I kept putting it off while contemplating a flake (standing her up).
[My texts in green]

In a subsequent post, I will detail the sexual interaction I had with the HB6.5. I eventually met up with nerd girl, and she headed back to the lounge with me.

Anyway, we grabbed a seat on a sofa, got some chicken and drinks and began some chitchatting.

Meanwhile, I was covertly texting the HB6.5 as she sat in the corner by herself on the other side of the small venue.

It was sort of a raunchy head-rush because there I was on a so-called date with 1 girl, while having a sexually charged text convo back and forth with another girl right about 20 yards away. 👿

Some time elapsed and her sister showed up.


“Not the cock-blocking sister”!!!!!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when nerd girl’s sister appeared and sat next to us on the sofa thingy!

How the fuck did she even know where we were going to be!?

Well-stupid question since it was very likely that she would’ve told her sister to where she was headed.

In a sense, I was somewhat relieved that the sister showed up, so I could now give more attention to trying to pull with the HB6.5 who appeared DTF!

With ner girl’s sister there, they both can keep each other occupied while I text virtually uninterrupted with the HB6.5.

As the night progressed, here were some more text exchanges with the HB6.5 from across the room. [My texts in green]

Apparently, and as expected, she seen a post I posted yesterday to Facebook about having a 3 inch dick. 🙂 Hence why she mentioned that.

As mentioned throughout the post, I was on the so-called date with nerd girl. At that point, the HB6.5 whom I was texting had went outside the venue to sit on some benches on the roadside.

Below, I made a last-ditch effort @ 10 o’clock to try to pull with her by telling her let’s go for a drive.

Had I been able to convince her about going for a drive, or going to see her, I would’ve ditched nerd girl in a heartbeat!

BTW, I figured that she didn’t live far since she walked off on foot, so that’s why I said to her I wanted to come see her “on foot”, instead of in the vehicle which I suggested before.

In any case, that went on upwards of 10 o’clock last night (Friday night)…to no avail.

Now it was back to nerd girl and her date-intruding sister. 😡 😦

I was already about $65 fucking dollars deep/spent. So I was far from pleased at how things were going. And now her sister had the nerve to insinuate that I should buy her a drink!

“Bitch, where’s your fucking date…or your boyfriend”!?

I said to myself in disgust!

A while later, some guy came around, someone who apparently knows the sister. So the 4 of us began parlaying outside the venue.

I am not one for double dating. But the dude seemed cool enough.

In hindsight, it was a great relief that dude showed up. So he can now occupy the cock-blocking sister while I work on finally seducing nerd girl.

The sister came up with a somewhat reasonable suggestion that we should all hit the nightclub.

Nerd girl ran it by me and we all hopped into the guy’s car which was parked @ roadside.

We made it to the club sometime before 11.

It was virtually empty, particularly because it was very early.

We danced around bit as the night proceeded.

Now this’ exactly what I wanted: some physical contact.

I didn’t swarm her by the way. We danced and I backed off.

In the meanwhile, I went around the club gaming other chicks.

I met an American, chatted her up and then took a selfie (picture below).

Intermittently, I would go back and dance with nerd girl just to let her know that I was still in the game.

A lot later, she went outside the venue [it was an outdoor venue] to get some fresh air, so I accompanied her and began dancing with her face to face:

Me: “If you didn’t have a boyfriend, I would so make out with you right now”!

She claims to not have a boyfriend. But that is irrelevant. I was basically shit talking while flirting heavy.

A while later- the same scenario- outside of the nightclub leaned up against the edifice, I got between her legs and kissed her on the neck seductively.

At this point, I was working the charm game.

Danced a bit more but she complained about being hot. So I rolled off and went to game over girls as I was doing the whole while anyway.

Outside again leaned up against the edifice, I got in front of her in order to grind on her and go for the make out then she said to me:

“Kenny your blocking the breeze”, with her hands slightly outwards as if to prevent my physical advancement.

Wow! I took this very personally.

She didn’t just say what she said in a playful tone. But it was said with attitude.

This completely threw me the fuck off!

I was about ready to throw in the towel on this set. And I did throw in the towel.

All this work for naught! But I felt it was better to quit now then later.

Sure I wanted the lay but traction just wasn’t decent.

Oh- at the beginning of the night, I kept my bang options open by setting up a booty-call with a fuck-buddy of mines.

However, she fell asleep, so I totally forgot about meeting up with her.

I kept my options open with the fuck-buddy just in case I didn’t get to finally lay nerd girl.

Since I became totally turned off by nerd girl’s attitude, I was hoping that the friend-with-benefits would hit me up.

As if by stroke of luck, I happened to check my Whatsapp and there was a recently received text from 1 of my fuck-buddies. [Her texts in white]

I left the club shortly after this text exchange and got the standby lay.

It is always a great feeling to have some fuck-buddies on standby just in case things don’t go according to plan.

With that being said, will there be a Day5 (5th meetup) with nerd girl?

Fucks no!

I don’t think so!

For what!?

The only how I would ever consider meeting up with nerd girl again is if it’s literally she’s coming over to my PUA pad.

No more meetups outdoors, @ the lounge, etc.

Will keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “Day4 Friday Night Field Report With Nerd Girl: Did I Get The F-Close?

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  1. Hi Kenny maybe nerd girl is one of the ladies. Who feels all you want is sex and no real connection.
    You have no feelings about her so why bother.She can now look for a man who connects with her mind before her body. Pure and simple lust for her body. Not for who she is. One smart woman.
    I do not go with a woman to fuck them but to with with a woman who feels love for me. A beautiful intelligent loving caring and passionate woman. Find a good one and stop playing around. I have a Feminine side to me because I am a Virgo Male. I am a Very Selective man who refuses sex with a woman who she just feels lust for me. A total none player. A lover of great ladies. Maybe because I am 60 years age. Being a player has no interest for me. When young variety is the spice of life. As long as the woman thinks in the same way. Fuck those ladies. Frank


    1. I guess partly because I’m not a Virgo, it doesnt quite resonate with me (turning down women who only wants sex). And good point; perhaps nerd girl isn’t DTF and is looking for a connection and so forth. I am not looking for that at all. Perhaps she wants a friend zone buddy. I am surely not looking for that. So I feel no qualms about nexting her as I did by deleting her #


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