Day4 With Nerd Girl Set For Tonight

Day4’s are rarities for me.

Usually, if I don’t manage to sleep with the girl by the 2nd time we meet up; I next her.

With this sexy-nerd girl though, why haven’t I nexted her yet?

Largely because I believe I can f-close her.

Additionally, she’s sexy as fuck! She has an ass on her to die for! That alone is incentive enough to keep me from nexting her.

Also, I blame the prior meetups on shitty logistics beyond my control (cock-blocking sister). The very last time we met (2 night ago), I was simply not on top of my game for whatever reason.

With that, it isn’t as if I tried to make a strong sexual move on her and she resisted from the gate. If for whatever reason tonight she does put up major resistance against my advancements; I will next her ass!

Tonight, we’re gonna meet up once more.

I hit her up today around 4 PM about plans, and that we could hit up a lounge spot and grab some chicken and wine coolers and chill.
[My texts in green]

If it’s 1 thing I can say about this chick: she has NEVER flaked on me once!

Not even close!

Whenever I wanted to see her, she had always agreed to the rendezvous and seen that it materialized.

The fact that this girl doesn’t play the typical games that women do, is very refreshing and encouraging to say the least.

What is my intention for tonight?

To take her home, or to take her somewhere and seal the deal!

If that doesn’t happen tonight, I at least want to have finger-banged her or something tangible which will have given me some hope to want to see her again.

Just as reminder: she leave in another week back to her town. So in all reality, I have ample time in which to bang this bird.

However, I don’t want to continue to waste valuable time on a girl who isn’t DTF, while there are other girls in the funnel wanting to meet up.

I’ll keep you posted.

BTW, if you’re new to the pick-up community, and the terminologies we use are somewhat pizzling to you, you can alays browse the PUA avronym list to get yourself abreast with the lingo around these parts.
For more in-depth terminologies and history of those PUA terms, you can check out my Asian buddy’s website, Alpha Wolf aka Vince Lin, at PUA Lingo.

PUA Lingo

6 thoughts on “Day4 With Nerd Girl Set For Tonight

Add yours

  1. Hey Kenny

    Been out the game for a while but I am back. It’s good to see you are still balling like a boss. This is some of the motivation I need to get back in. I hope you nail it.

    Take care


    1. Hey CJ lol! Been ages bro! Good to see you back on the scene in many sense of them word. And I’m glad I’m able to boost your motivation. If you don’t mine sharing, why were you out of the game?


        1. LOL I hear you bro. As much as I feel like chiding you out for making such a move, I guess it’s a move we all make at some point. I just didn’t think someone with your knowledge of the whole male-female dynamic would get sucked in so fast. But definitely; sue Disney lol


          1. Lol yeah man. I want a family and a bit of stability and have done for a long time so a decent opportunity came along for it and I went from alpha cat to beta mouse in six or so months screaming and crying like a kid who can’t open his sweeties. But it’s all good. I’ve read a few of your posts and I know where it all went bonkers


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