Day3 Field Report With Nerd Girl: The Talk Of Death [08-31-16]

Wednesday morning, I get a whatsapp message from a girl whom I haven’t heard from in over 9 months.

It was a sexy nerd girl whom I had a Day2 with almost a year ago.

That meetup was terrible in my book, for the simple fact that the girl had her sister tag along on our rendezvous, essentially becoming a 3rd-wheel cock-blocking spoiler.

I was NOT up for a repeat performance of such a night, where I had to be subjected to being on a so-called date with my date and her sister. Sounds good and all if the plan were a 3-some: but it wasn’t!

Anyway, so Wednesday morning, nerd girl hits me up for the first time in over 9 months.
[Her texts in white. Mines in green]

I quickly solidified the rendezvous for that same evening. The fact that she hit me up about being back in my town was enough of an indicator that she’s into me…still.

The last/initial time, we met up for pizza. I was so pissed because having her sister tag along, meant that I had to buy for 3 ppl: myself, nerd girl and her sister.

As much as I’m opposed from spending on women, I have no qualms with buying a slice or 2 of pizza. But having to double and triple up did not sit well with me.

Hence, on this occasion, I wanted to ensure that the sister wasn’t going to be there as some sort of 3rd-wheeling leecher looking for a free meal.

Okay, so there’s a rule in the pick-up community that you never text a girl whom you haven’t hooked up with as yet, telling her to come to your place.

Surely there are exceptions. But this rule is pretty much a solid one to follow, because the chances of getting the girl to verbally commit (or via text) to coming to your place are so low, that it’s considered bad game to even suggest.

In spite of that, I still suggested with her saying not tonight.

Again- I wanted to satisfy myself in knowing that the sister wasn’t going to be there. If she was there, I would’ve backed out, or at least tried to get her to ditch her sister.

Anyway, so I waited on the bench and nerd girl finally reappeared after about 10 minutes.

She gave me a half-ass hug, so I pulled her to me and embraced her for a lot longer.

Sat down on the bench and she began blabbering on and on and on and on!

Ever heard of the 90-10 rule in pickup, where the guy is advised to do 90% of the talking (initially) while the girl do 10%?

Well this chick flipped the script upside down as she began rambling from point A and onwards!

Now- here’s the thing, and this is why you should never allow a girl to dominate the conversation: she will lead things down her road.

In other words, her topic of interests isn’t likely to contribute to the process of seduction or getting her panties to come off.

Luckily for me- or for starters- her conversational thread quickly switched from boring talk to how she got inducted into a bisexual group where she had to allow both males and females to perform oral sex on her (about 10 persons).

“Wow! Now this’ some fucking raunchy shit”!!!

This went on for about 45 minutes, which was great as far as I’m concerned! But it just didn’t spark the KINO balls for me.

In other words, I couldn’t gain traction which would’ve enabled me to go romance.

It’s difficult to explain, but I felt as though I was stuck and bogged down in quick sand, and just couldn’t get going verbally nor physically.

It was like her energy just blunted my intentions which were to try to seduce her then and there.

The miniskirt she had on was a plus indeed. But my game was just stuck in neutral. 😦

Two hours chugged along and I wasn’t able to make a thing happen: not even to touch the girl for a slight second.

It was weird as fuck in the sense that I don’t have anxiety issues with getting physical with women. But for some strange reason- though it wasn’t anxiety- I couldn’t pull the trigger with this girl…that night.

Almost 4 hours went by with nothing to show for it besides the girl’s ramblings about all sorts of shit under the sun!

From the looks of it, she was poised to ramble on for another 4 hours.

Fucks no!

Sensing that it just wasn’t my night, and my mojo was slipping like skates; I called it a day.

The girl was somewhat taken-aback at the abrupt ending, though we virtually sat there for 4 hours as she bleed my eardrums to death. But anyway, it was time for me to throw in the towel and hope for another day.

I intended to hit her up last evening but had other plans.

Today however (Friday), I may very well hit her up about going for a walk while trying to pull her back to my apartment.

BTW, the pic below was from our Day2 over 9 months ago.

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