Getting Very Shy Girl To Open Up By…

Some girls take a while to open up; especially shy girls.

This girl here is absolutely the most shy girl I ever met in my life: bar fucking NONE!!

I mean, this girl is so shy that although we know each other for about a year now, I’ve only gotten about 50 words out of her to this day LOL!

She’s shy over text and in personal!

We actually never spoke over the phone.

This leads me to Friday, I decided to finally call her.

She purposely ignored my call. Not because she didn’t want to talk, but because she’s so shy.

Here’s the thing too: whenever a girl sends just 1 worders and keeps her messages very short, it usually boils down to 3 things:

1.) Very busy

2.) Very shy

3.) Not interested at all

With this girl; I already know she’s into me because we met up once…in which she virtually ran off due to the social pressure. But either way, from my vast experience, I’ve learned that to get a very shy girl to open up via text, you can say/text far out and ridiculous shit which forces her to have to respond with more than just an “okay, good, yes, no”.

Here’s an example from earlier today (Sunday) of me doing just that with the most shiest girl I ever met!

[My texts in green]

Through my Facebook page, a guy opined that he would never use such a strategy because it virtually looks like chasing and too much investing.

I’ve addressed this point years back, that when it comes to shy girls, you have to over-invest in texting or else you run a risk of losing the girl altogether.

Bear in mind that a shy girl isn’t socially, nor internally, equipped with the goods to make or carry conversation on their own.

For crying out loud: most women cannot spark and carry a conversation (via text especially), let alone to put such a burden of expectation on an introverted lass!

If you relax on your laurels and hope that out of thing air- a shy girl is going to (actively) pursue you- you are fucking kidding yourself!

With that being said, it is incumbent upon the pickup artist to have to triple his textual investments in order to make something happen.

Therefore, you cannot afford to play this, “I don’t wanna look needy” game with the shy types, by expecting to trade 1-for-1 text messages.

It is usually terrible text game to send a girl 2, 3 or 4 messages to every 1 she sends. But with a shy chick; this rule goes out the window, simply because she isn’t going to exchange text for text of any substance that would lead to places…such as heightened attraction or a meetup.

Thus, if you’re 1 of those guys who’s adamantly against sending barrage of texts under any circumstance, then you may want to revise that, with this case being an exception.

Moreover, and let’s get real here, what kind of conversation could possibly be generated if both parties aren’t investing meaningfully?

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  1. It looks like she was getting more and more pissed, doesn’t that turn her off could you post the rest of this interaction. I would like to see what the result of this interaction was



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