Friday Evening Field Report: Short Rendezvous With Girl From NYC…Part I

Few days ago, I picked up a sexy girl on Facebook from NYC who’s here on 2 weeks vacation.

Being so busy with other girls, I never bothered to seriously follow up: until yesterday evening.

For some reason, something told me to pursue this. So yesterday evening, I texted her and she invited me over to her where she’s staying (with parents), and we chatted on the porch for about 25-30 minutes.

Last night, I posted this status to Facebook about 30 minutes after leaving from by her (video link included).

Few days ago I picked up a girl who’s here on vacation from NYC. About an hour ago, she invited me to pass by where she stays with her parents. Thing is…she has a BF here whom she refers to as “a friend”. Not only that but she’s ignoring his phone calls and brushing him off when she does answer. While all this is going on, I’m there caressing her thighs. Nevertheless, this goes to show that chicks will always run game on their weak Beta boyfriend while chasing an Alpha Male. This chick leaves back to NYC Sunday, so I’m trying to bang her by then.

These chicks ain’t loyal 🙂

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