Why Women Love Bad Boys [just a preview to an extensive article]

​[Status posted to Facebook]

Since it’s no real secret that it is within every woman’s gender role to try to fix a man, as a man looking to get laid a ton, you should be utilizing some bad boy game in order to reel women in. One of the reasons why nice guys don’t get laid, and women aren’t attracted to them, is because they appear to be complete and whole. There is nothing to fix in a nice guy! He’s already fixed and tamed! With a rebel and a bad boy now, a woman will try her best to tame/fix such a guy. Unfortunately, she will dump the reformed bad boy once she manages to tame/fix him. So you never want to allow the girl to tame/fix you or else she’ll lose interest in you. 

Point is; learn how to attract women by presenting yourself as a guy who is untamed, wild, unchained, whimsical, erratic, violence-prone, etc. That is why I’m so ultra-forward with women. My forwardness comes across as something the girl needs to fix in me. So instead of getting turned off by my forwardness and rejecting me; women get attracted and turned on by it…since I’m congruent with that style. 

Again- give women something to fix!!!

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