When Asshole Game Goes Wrong

​[Status posted to Facebook]

Every now and then my asshole game gets a girl hating my guts. I honestly don’t even remember cussing out this Canadian chick over 3 years ago…until I seen the messages from 3 years ago. Oh well; just another byproduct of running asshole game. BTW, she’s a Canadian chick I met @ a nightclub few years back then we chatted on FB after she went back to Toronto to return. I honestly don’t remember how and why we got into cussing each other. But she was likely being a royal bitch about something. But anyway, I attempted to add her as friends today but couldn’t… So I messaged her. BTW guys, my tone was humorous here. I was literally fucking around some. I wasn’t butt-hurt about she not accepting my friend request. I was having fun here. But either way, running asshole game has a price @ times. But @ the end of the day guys, I can definitely flip this by gaming her ass again with some humor.



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