When Bad Boy Game Makes You Pull

​[Status posted to Facebook]

Gonna so enjoy banging this chick @ the beach this afternoon.

Sleeping with this girl here is long overdue since I first picked her up on Facebook in January. We were supposed to meet but she didn’t want to work with my schedule so I acted like an asshole and made plans with another girl while blowing her off since January. I contacted her today as I seen her post to FB after a while. This chick is digging my badboy style, so I use that as a weakness of mines in order to draw her in [the fact that I can’t help but act out]. Understand that it is within a woman’s nature to try to fix a man. They love trying to fix a rebellious bad boy, so I always look to play up the bad boy role…though I am really a nice guy 😉 . Anyway… the chat was from about an hour ago [August 26].

[My texts in blue]

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