Usain Bolt: From Rio To London Banging Chicks + Why Looks Don’t Matter Once You Have Swag & Game

I am brain tired and fully exhausted of posting about Usain Bolt and the birds he’s shagging.

However, I am bombarded by the second from all angles on social media about this subject, that I cannot give it a rest for even a second.


As you’ve probably heard by now, Usain left Brazil for London, and within 24 hours, vacated a London nightclub with 2 chicks on his arm…allegedly.

Having been sifting through dozens of article links via Facebook, reading hundreds of comments on this, I gather a general theme by a great portion of the women commenting on these links.

What theme is that?

“Usain Bolt is really ugly! I don’t see why any woman would ever lie down with him! It must be the money”!!!

Well- apart from the $$$ aspect, I want to tackle a popular theme which I push a lot around these parts: Looks don’t matter!!!

Women know this, but they don’t know how to logically piece it together, hence they will rarely ever admit that they would fuck an ugly guy, or that looks don’t matter to them.

Having swagger, style and game, supplement for lack of natural-born good looks.

Moreover, a super-attractive guy who doesn’t have charisma, swag or game, would have a difficult time getting laid regularly also, just as the not-so-attractive chap.

How do I know?

I go out every weekend, and have been going out every weekend to the clubs and bars for the last 13 years STRAIGHT!!!

I see shit play out in the nightclubs and bars every weekend, where drop-dead handsome guys go home with their dick in their hands like it’s nothing.

Solely possession so-called good looks won’t get your laid by default!

You will get the periodic bang from the chick(s) who are members of your social circle, but that is as far as it goes when you’re a super-handsome guy who lacks game. You’re relegated to fucking the 1 or 2 mediocre-looking girls within your social circle.

As far as men who aren’t stereotypical Adonises in the face, such as Usain Bolt, just as the case with the handsome guys, they must be able to spot, lock on and game the target in order to pull!

Having some swagger about yourself is a huge plus (a DHV). And this helps any guy work the attraction angle when trying to pick up chicks.

In Usain Bolt’s case, whether his swagger is natural or orchestrated, doesn’t matter 1 bit!

Perhaps it was gained as a byproduct of his now stardom, 30 million-dollar endorsement deals, winning gold medals and shattering world records, etc. the man has a swagger (confidence) about himself that attracts women.

There’s a general misconception out there that money, wealth and fame attract women.

I disagree.

Surely they do on a conscious level. But on an primal, deeper and more natural level, it is the confidence and swagger that these guys generate and derive from their fame or wealth, which attracts women.

Hence, it is not the money or fame that gives the rich guy or the celeb an edge, but the confidence and swagger which come with knowing that you’re the shit/the prize, and or wealth or fame.

Having loads of fucking cash alone will make any ordinary man feel confident and secure with himself!

Just as driving a brand-new car will give the drive this air of freshness. Or the guy who’s just stepping out of the gym feeling invincible.

Money, wealth and fame work the same way! So it isn’t that these things are attracting women to the man. It is the aura of “I’m the shit” that the rich guy gives off, that attracts women.

Get it?

Saying that bit to say, Usain Bolt, just as any renown figure, has this aura of invincibility, confidence, swag and stardom that looms around him.

Hence, he, nor any other guy, has to be rich or famous in order to attract women and get laid regularly.

Perhaps Usain Bolt had this magnetism and swagger before he was ever renown; which would mean that he was getting laid a ton (while being so-called ugly) before his fame.

In that case, this totally renders the popular belief of, “he’s only getting laid because of fame, null and void.

It is much easier to spout out, “looks matter”, and to accept it, than it is to use critical thinking in order to analyze and break down the entire process of attraction.

As we affectionately say in pickup: “Attraction isn’t a choice”. Along with that classic PUA saying should’ve been, “And looks don’t matter either”.

Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts on what I mentioned about money, recognition and such things giving a person an air of swag, invincibility and confidence.

3 thoughts on “Usain Bolt: From Rio To London Banging Chicks + Why Looks Don’t Matter Once You Have Swag & Game

Add yours

    1. I like that suggestion Thomas. Only problem with that is that it makes high status seem like you have to be a celeb to get laid. You don’t have to have high status to get laid like a rockstar. Having confidence, swag and even cockiness will suffice…though those things can be intermixed and deemed as high status


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