Usain Bolt: Making The Pick-Up Artist Proud…Conquering One Girl At A Time

The sprinting giant, Usain Bolt, has been in the media in unflattering ways, during and after the Rio Olympics.

Over the past week, photos have surfaced of the track-star giant, allegedly making out with numerous girls in a Rio nightclub.

In fact- I think “alleged” is the wrong word here- since all indications confirm that it was Usain Bolt getting his mack on at the club.

What seemingly is causing such a shit storm in the social-media world, particularly from females and their Beta-Male patsies, is that the Big U Bolt allegedly has a girlfriend of 2 years, effectively branding himself a womanizing cheater in the eyes of the media, women and neutered-feminized men.

A fellow seduction buddy of mine out of Poland, had linkd me on Facebook to a Dailymail post, which is essentially a field report as we would say in pickup.

David had made a joke in the comments that this chick gets paid for her field reports while we Pickup Artists don’t. 😆

On a more serious note, the way I feel about this recent shit storm, is already well transparent by the titling of the article alone.

I personally defend a man’s inherent rights to choose whom to lie with, regardless of his relationship status.

Other PUA’s would take umbrage with that, contrary to popular belief that guys who subscribe to the PUA philosophy on dating, are all total douch-bags who believe that monogamy is evil and regressive.

Nevertheless, I hold the belief that monogamy is a feminist construct, propagated by lonely and insecure women to emasculate men who were seen as having way too much power since the advent of human history.

With that, the feminist movement was born, and a host of men was guilted into relenting, and thus jumping on board woth the novel ideology that having more than 1 woman (or cheating) was now deemed evil and demeaning to women.

Most men today, being brainwashed and effectively neutered by all of this, now find themselves wholeheartedly subscribing to the cheaters are evil dogma.

The irony here is that even the men who (so-called) cheat, are quick to publicly bash Usain Bolt’s philandering just to avoid the social backlash which comes with siding with a so-called cheater.

Aside from the politics of it all, there’s no greater feeling in the world than to see a guy embrace his manhood, his love for variety of women and simply owns it in the face of scrutiny.

He’s made me proud that he isn’t shy about banging chicks around the globe!

What's your view?

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