Hot Cougar With Boyfriend Blows Me Off, I Persist, She Resists, She Cracks And Coughs Up The #, I Ignore Her, She Now Chases Me…[Lesson In Persistence And Strategic Fall Back]

Hey guys, another solid and insightful post on picking up girls online (Facebook to be exact).

This time around, I picked up a sexy Cougar (who has a boyfriend) who first started out a bit indifferent…until I weaseled my way through her defenses.

As regularly noted; this girl is a complete stranger whom I randomly added after coming across her profile in the friend-suggestion field.

The attempted pickup kicked off at the very beginning of August where I actually inboxed her by mistake about going to do karaoke. She responded by saying she doesn’t do karaoke. I then realized that I had messaged the wrong chick. But seeing how hot she was; I decided to pursue.

[My messages in blue]

[Screenshot above] Her response to my Netflix & Chill offer (over coffee or tea) was an obvious brush off when she said “I’ll let you know”. I humored it though by pretending to be heartbroken about it. She knew I was clearly joking when I added that hot girls are always the most heartless…plus with a smiley face. The way I came off here, eliminates the serious factor, and communicates to the girl that I am being humorous.

[Screenshot above…her texts in gray] I then pitched my favorite opener about making cute babies. This gambit of mines by the way (about cute babies) is merely to create an interesting dialogue that the girl may have never heard before. Remember: ALWAYS BE INTERESTING and ORIGINAL!

[Screenshot above…her texts in gray] She then hit me with the classic boyfriend line: she’s in a committed relationship. Remember what I told/showed you guys in the previous few posts: relationships mean nothing to most women! Knowing this, I don’t even pay any mind to the fact that she said she’s committed and doesn’t play.

Also, whenever a girl says to me that she has a boyfriend, I always tell her that I have a girlfriend. Not only will this trump her attempt to out-value you, but it adds pre-selection to the entire dynamics. Women want a man whom other women have or desire [think celebrities].

Ultimately, I ended the chatting there and strategically fell back until another time.

The next round of messages (below) began days later on August 4th.
[My messages in blue]

[Screenshot above] When I asked her what time she’s mainly free to chat, note that I didn’t add a question mark. How come? Doing so (omitting question mark) gives the girl the impression that I am not desperate and not in need of a reply. Adding a question marks has a way of giving off the impression of neediness and desperation. Same thing when I asked her about giving out her # (which was pun): no question mark!

[Screenshot above…her texts in gray] I didn’t force the issue when she didn’t give me the phone #. I simply sent a thumb up (knowing it was token/fake resistance), showing that I was unaffected. I fell back (strategically) and re-contacted her 3 days later on August 8th. Although I added a question mark when I asked about what she does on an afternoon like this, it was nullified because the text continued in which I didn’t add a question mark after “beach or work”. In any case, you don’t want the question mark to come at the very end of your message.

[Screenshot above…her texts in gray] Humor is key, hence the whole spoon feed and porridge line. Learn how to pepper in well-timed humor spikes at certain intervals as you see me doing.

[Screenshot above…my texts in blue] I was actually a vegan years ago for many years (sad to say since I cannot stand the idea of vegetarianism nowadays). So I used that as an opportunity to strike a chord of commonality. Always look for little things like those which you two have in common. Caution: don’t overdue it or else you’ll come off as a dancing monkey who’s actively seeking to find things in common.

[Screenshot above…my texts in blue] Again- when I asked, “are you down for that”, I didn’t add a question mark at the end. This communicates non-neediness on my part. Here again, though I added a question mark after…”do you use Whatsapp”, it wasn’t at the very end of the question since I continued with, “I prefer we text there…”. Super key! The position in message in where you place your question marks can either make or break your chances. Very crucial tip!

[Screenshot above…her texts in gray] In essence, that was a so-called rejection, but I didn’t take it as such since I don’t believe in rejections. Hence, I injected some humor about the accent of the people from her hometown. So that’s 1 way in which you can handle a deflection upon trying to number close: you either fall back completely until another time, or you humor her a bit and try again within the same chat session. I did exactly just that: humor her a bit, get a few laughs (LOL) out of her, then I pushed (persisted) for the # again. This is a classic-textbook PUA technique by the way.

[Screenshot above…my texts in blue] As always the case with skillful persistence, you do so in non-desperate fashion, without “Asking/Begging”. With that, I assertively said, “Your number is…”. In essence, I assumed the sale. I assumed that she will give me her phone number…so she coughed It up. Cheers to frame control. 🙂

That was persistence without looking needy, desperate and low value.

Here’s the most crucial thing that I want you to focus on. Upon getting her phone number by slithering through her resistance with persistence, I completely fell off the map in that I never contacted her again via inbox, nor did I even make use of her phone number.

Was this fall back strategic?


Quite frankly though- as you would’ve known since I made mention of it numerous times- I have a whole lot on my plate as far as women/dating goes.

I would routinely meet and pick up girls today, and completely forget that they even exist the next day!

That was the case with this girl. Apart from strategically reeling her in so that she chases me, I had too much on my plate to even follow up after she coughed up the digits.

Now, what does this show/communicate to the girl? She’s likely saying to herself: “Here it is that this guy finally gets my phone number but he doesn’t utilize it, nor did he follow up on the Vegan date proposal he made to me. He must be a guy of abundance. He probably has other women, hotter than me, to contend with”.

Basically, the girl gets inside of her head and begins to feel somewhat inadequate and less desirable. Subsequently, this cajoles her into wanting to know why am I not following through.

She would’ve likely begun to conjure up all sorts of things within her head like: “Am I not hot enough for him? Am I too old for him? Did I do/say something that turned him off? Was it a post I made that turned him off”?

With all that being said, though I’d gotten her phone number way back on August 8th, and never followed up; she contacted me yesterday. 🙂

By giving off the impression that I am not the type of guy to chase, she in turn interprets that to mean I am a guy of high(er) value; hence she chases me.

The last set of messages were from yesterday [August 22nd] when she decided to hit me up on Messenger after a few weeks of me falling off the map.
[Her messages in gray]

[Screenshot above] After weeks of no contact, she decides to hit me up saying she’s moving to my side of town. I mentioned this recently: whenever you ignore women, particularly the ones whom you’d picked up, they will often times re-contact you with a flimsy (or plausible) excuse as to their message/call. It is their way of saying, “I miss our chatting and I really want to talk again, but I don’t know how to start it”.

With time and experience, you’ll learn how to read between the lines by osmosis.

[Screenshot above…her texts in gray] Humor again is key.

[Screenshot above…her texts in gray] The “spontaneous” line is just another example of using humor to deepen the attraction.

As expected, she finally comes clean about telling me she’s moving to my part of town. This confirms 2 things for me:

1.) She had only used this excuse (a lie) as a way to reopen me

2.) She is full-on attracted me, hence the reason why she even lied about moving closer to me.

[Screenshot above…my texts in blue] The wings and chicken pizza thing is a joke in reference to a post I posted 2 days ago where I was pigging out on a chicken pizza (pictured below).

Although she never commented nor hit like on the pizza post, she undoubtedly seen it. It’s a subtly way to admit that she’s stalking my profile but elected not to comment on my stuff.

Anyway guys, just another textbook pickup over Facebook, but showing how easy it is to deal with a girl’s objections and then make her chase you by strategically backing off at the right moments.

Additionally, do you recall what she said to me during the 1st round of conversation? “I’m in a committed relationship and I don’t play”. So basically, this girl clearly has a boyfriend (as all women do).

However, does that prevent her from chasing a random stranger on Facebook (Kenny)?

Did her relationship status prevent her from coughing up her digits?


Why not?

“Attraction is not a choice”! The old adage of the seduction community.

A woman cannot help but to be attracted to a guy who presents her with the right doses of attraction material.

Therefore, even though this super-hot cougar has a boyfriend, she cannot help but to want to chase me and to meet up for the vegan date. 🙂

Additionally, most guys get discouraged and disheartened once the girl breaks the news that she has a boyfriend.

Nine in ten times- though true- it is just a frikkin’ test!

As for the meetup for some veggie food (I hate vegs BTW), she is more than down and willing. All I have to do is to make the call (or text) to confirm the day/date.

When will I?

Perhaps…soon. ❓

Seriously, I don’t know when I would eventually try to see this girl. It isn’t on my current to-fuck-list.

See you guys around!

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  1. One other thing I noticed but you didn’t mention..on your chicken Pizza pic/screenshots, you have a chat heads up with someother woman you were talking too at that time…she saw that too I’m sure. And likely had an “abundance” effect on her as well.


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