Sparking Attration Through Your Social-Media Posts

Remember I spoke to you guys recently about attracting girls through your statuses on Facebook?

Here are some quick examples from last night, just to give you guys a sense of the reaction girls will have whenever your posts/statuses are high-value stuff.

Whenever you post the right stuff, you communicate 1 major thing to the girl- and that is- you have a damn personality!

Here’s the kicker when it comes to the type of stuff that reels women in: you may be tempted to ask, “so Kenny, what type of statuses are these”? In relation to the statuses posted above which got the attention of women on my Facebook, they were my typical stuff: womanizing, semi-sexist, drama-filled, original, shocking and predominately about pickup, dating, mating, sex and the sexes.

My posts can easily be misread as sexist and demeaning to women (though I choose to not classify them as such).

Every now and then, I get a periodic comment from a girl saying that my post was sexist (exhibit A…below).

Ironically, such statuses are what attract women.

What you shoud aim to do is to create dialogue: whether negative or positive.

Most guys go unnoticed on Facebook because they fail to create dialogue: positive or negative.

Whenever you post a status, you should be thinking, “will this spark dialogue or grab the attention of people”?

One argument I get from guys who utilize my method of posting statuses which grab women’s attention, is that they don’t seem to generate comments from women. Essentually, their posts go uncommented.

The things is- whether you get comments or not- isn’t important. Believe me: women see/read everything… even if they don’t comment!

There are myriads of reasons a girl will elect not to comment on a post. That isn’t what you want to focus on as you post your statuses.

Another thing I find humorous whenever girls comment on my stuff is when they proclaim how much my posts have made them laugh, become cheerful and so forth.

My reaction (to myself) is always: “How in the world do my status updates brighten up your day when 90% of my posts are about sleeping with women and disposing of them like shit paper afterwards”!?

The truth is, and I always touch on this, what a woman interprets as interesting, brightening and amusing, are things which spark dialogue and or make them think…or become shocked.

Ultimately, what this all achieves is that it communicates to the girl that you have a personality and it isn’t a bland one.

Most guys hardly post to their social-media accounts but for male-centric stuff such as sports, video games, links to Youtube videos, shares, etc.

Sharing shit does NOT show your personality! It basically says that you don’t have opinions of your own, so you elect to share sound-good memes and video links.

Whenever I share memes, I add my 2 cents in caption, which strike the right chords!

This is all part of my schtick of pimping out your profile, a free PDF product which I’m currently working on.

Here are just some of my recent statuses for you guys.

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  1. Hi Kenny I do look first at a woman. But the most important for me are the many other aspects of a woman.I can disregard if her looks are not great. I can still converse with this woman to find out who she is inside.If I do not like the woman even if she is beautiful. I have no interest in this woman.
    How often does a woman fall in love with you? My girlfriends become obsessed quickly.They chase they become jealous.They want contact all the time.I have never been infatuated with a woman.But my girlfriends are often infatuated. How do you deal with the woman who has feelings like this for you?


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