Sexy-Young Latina Mom Is Now In Chase Mode

Remember the girl I briefly touched on in the previous post [girl above] about
 handling girls declining to accept your meet-up offer, the chick who has a boyfriend but said she doesn’t really have the free time to meet with me because she always has her kid with her?

Well- that was back on August 13th. She hit me up this morning on Messenger, essentially opening me this time.

Remember the article I posted yesterday where I critiqued a total stranger’s text game?

Do you also recall my summarization as to why he ultimately bombed that set: failure to utilize humor and failing to cooly accept that the girl cannot meet up with him AT THAT MOMENT?

Well, in this post, I will show you exactly how being nonchalant and cool about a girl declining your suggestion to meet up, will cause the girl to chase you…if done right.

Here’s a little tidbit: whenever a girl declines or shoots down your date proposal, instead of taking it as an outright rejection (it never really is), take it as the girl saying to you: “I am not yet warmed to the idea of meeting with you. Warm me up some more and I’ll willingly submit like your slave”!

Most guys however- the vast majority- oblivious to female psychology (in dating), misinterpret the girl’s position to mean a downright rejection.

Ok, so, as you’d seen in the previous post, I pitched to the girl a pina colada and snack rendezvous, to which she essentially said, “cool…but I don’t have the free time since my newborn is always with me”.

I let her know that it was no pressure, and we could always meet up whenever our schedules permit.

By doing so, I manage to communicate to the girl:

1.) I am not desperate

2.) I have other options/girls

3.) I have social intelligence in that I know she didn’t reject me, but she just needs to be sold on me more as a guy worthy of her time

This is where it left off on August 13, and continued this morning as she hit me up on Messenger with a sad excuse as to why she decided to hit me up (some supposed stalker). 😉

[Her messages in gray]

Now here’s the thing: there is this guy whom I have as FB friends who apparently was adding hot girls from my friend list. So the chick was basically saying that this dude added her this morning, and she wanted to know from me whether this guy (his account) was real or fake…because she doesn’t just accept any random guy’s frend request…which is utter bullshit because she accepted mines about a month ago…and she doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall!

This only tells me what I’d suspected from the get-go: she used this as her opportunity to chase me via inbox messaging. 🙂

Additionally, she tried to gain value on me, and essentially qualified herself to me, by trying to prove to me that she’s desired by other men…such as this Spanish/Brazilian guy who had friend requested her.

With that, the dynamics get flipped without me having to lift 1 finger, where the girl is now trying to prove to me that she’s worthy of my time and attention because she’s sought after by other men.

This is a very subtle psychological play/ploy by women. They want to chase the Alpha Male, but they cannot do so outright. So they chase with cover, while simultaneously trying to gain social value by conveying that they are desirable to other men.

Additionally, since I knew her entire premise for contacting me was just a bullshit excuse, instead of going back and forth on that theme, I phase shifted into a more “me and you” type of vibe, albeit with humor, when I mentioned fighting the guy over her.

Also, I called her sexy, but not in a needy chodish type of way. I skillfully cloaked it (my compliment) in humor…which nullifies the pedestalization aspect. So instead of the girl thinking, “Kenny is needy and lame because he calls me sexy”, she thought, “Kenny’s funny and witty’.

After mentioning her paranoia about online stalkers, she said to me, “But anyway I know you’ll protect me”.


I don’t even know you girl!!

Obviously that wasn’t my reaction via text. But this goes to show that she is full-on attracted to me (my vibe). So much so that she sees me as her protector from this would-be online stalker.

Again- I have to remind you guys that this is a total stranger! This is absolutely the 2nd time she and I have facebooked. We’ve only been FB friends for a month (if that). Yet, within just 2 brief  rounds of FB messaging, she’s already envisioning me as a protector-type. 

Why is this? And how was I able to flip the attraction switch so hard from being a total stranger to this?

My vibe…and my profile!

I’ll explain more about that in just a bit.

Here’s another gambit: women love bad boys, right?


Hence why I said to her, “I’m a bad boy”. I am essentally setting the frame bright and early that I am NOT the nice-boy type who’s gonna pamper her and have her cry on my shoulders whenever her boyfriend makes her cry.

Set the fucking frame early!

How did she react to me saying I’m a bad boy with a heart?


With that, she accepted my frame (bad boys are attractive). This is called frame control. I am leading and she is following my lead!

Most guys, foolishly so, allow the girl to set her pace, set her frame, and in turn dominate the underlying themes, steering the ship down her lane.

With me; I lead and the girl follows the frame/position I establish!

This means I have compliance (once the girl follows).

What was 1 major aspect of seduction that the guy whom I critiqued yesterday lacked?


He never managed to lead the frame/interaction nor lead the girl!

With this girl here, I controlled the frame!

Additionally, I went further to end off with a classic PUA technique of cold-reading, by telling her that there’s a bad girl deep within her [screenshot below].

Why did I do/say this?

Again- setting the frame that I do bad girls because I’m a bad boy. 

What was her reaction to me saying she’s a closet bad girl?

She agreed by saying “yea that’s true”!

Why did she agree? Because I have her compliance! She’s aiming to please me! She’s qualifying as we’d say in pickup!

After all, there’s a naughty bad girl inside of every girl.

That is what you want to happen whenever interacting with a new girl. You want to impose (however subtly) your positions and have her accept them.

She will NOT do so (comply) if you haven’t done the bare minimum to attract her through things like: humor, wits, sophistication, badboyism, Alphaness, preselection, DHV spikes, etc.

On another note; this girl is pretty savvy (as all girls are) in that she beat me to the punch by ending the conversation before I ended it on her. 

I anticipated things wrongly, which is why I didn’t beat her to the punch by telling her bye before she did to me. So she managed to 1-up me there [smart girl you].

Nevertheless, I ended things on a powerful note by telling her to remember to hit me up, and it’ll be our dirty-little secret…to which she accepted with laughter. 

What is our dirty-little secret you may ask?

During our initial chat back on the 13th when I pitched to her my pina colada date proposal, she briefly mentioned that she’s in a relationship with her kid’s father (screenshot below).

With that being the case (her relationship status), any dealing we may have, has to be kept a secret.

Her “LOL, ok and LMAO” at the end, indicate that she’s on board.

Lastly, I wish to touch on the attraction factor: why did this hot Latina suddenly become so attracted to me, and is now chasing me (indicative of the fact that she inboxed me), even though she told me she has a boyfriend?

Firstly, I’ve pretty much showed you guys on countless occasions that relationships mean squat to women, and any girl would date or see another man behind the back of her significant other, as long as she can get away with it.

On a more game-specific note, you also ought to realize that a huge part of my Facebook pickup is attracting girls through my posts and comments.

Whenever you hit up a girl on Facebook, she instantly clicks on your profile to read your statuses in order to get an idea of the type of guy she’s dealing with.

If your postings suck; then she rejects you!

If your posts are like those of mines (controversial, womanizing, drama-filled, shocking, out there, etc.) , then the girl gets sucked in.

Thus, with the Latina here spoken about in this article, that was likely the case; she became attracted to me after scanning my Facebook (my posts), and quickly coming to the realization that “this guy is the Alpha-Male”!

Subsequently, she’s now in chase mode of the Alpha Male.

All I simply have to do- if I were to pursue this- is to hit her up later or tomorrow, and throw my pina colada pitch at her again. 

The only obstacle (since the boyfriend isn’t one) would be her kid. That can easily be worked around by having someone babysit for an hour or so [chicks usually cover for their besties in such cases].

In the grand scheme of things guys, hopefully you would have taken away some valuable lessons in game and female psychology from this article.

Most importantly though is FRAME, and how to create space in order to make the girl chase and ultimately fall.

When a girl declines your meetup proposal, you want to handle it with grace, calmness, coolness and collectedness.

She’s accustomed to guys throwing pissy fits and getting all butt-hurt because she said she doesn’t have the time to meet…or doesn’t want to.

You want to become that beacon of chill and blasé in the face of the storm.

This state of coolness will in turn subcommunicate to the girl that you don’t need her, you don’t need to go out with her- and in fact- you have other options.

All this is said and conjured up within the girl’s own head, solely from the way you handled the so-called rejection: Non-Affected.

In a nutshell, once you indirectly demonstrate to the girl that you can take it or leave it, this will inevitably flip the attraction switch and force the girl to either chase you, and or to become complainant and receptive…as was the case with this girl.

I will touch on “NEED” in my next post. A very insightful subject to say the least.

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