Learn Chick Language + How To Handle A Girl Not Being Able To Meet Up

Here’s an interesting piece of interaction I wanted to share with you guys about the mind of women. 

It’s about reading women and always being able to read between the lines.

I hit up this sexy girl (stranger) on FB the other day about hanging out. 

She pretty much said she has a BF and a newborn, so that’s gonna be difficult to finagle. But what is most important here is that as you read the chat, you will notice that her objection to meeting me isn’t the fact that she has a BF, but that she has to be with her newborn all the time. 

Get it? 

What I’m essentially trying to show you guys is that relationship means very little to women. 

This girl didn’t say we can’t meet up because she has a boyfriend. She said she we can’t meet up because she always has her son with her. So essentially, if she gets someone to watch her son for a bit, it technically means she would disregard her relationship/boyfriend and come hang out with me. 

Did you get that? So…as a master seducer who can read women like a book, all I would need to do is to subtly sway/persuade her to either bring the kid along for our snack rendezvous, or persuade her to get a girlfriend or something to watch her kid for a few hours. 

Saying all that to say; the fact that she has boyfriend means squat to her! 

He isn’t the reason why she cannot meet up with me at will. Her kid is the reason!

With that, looking forward, I would’ve only had the kid as an obstacle and not the boyfriend. 

Women give these subtle hints all the time. It is just for the guy to weed through the conversational bushes and sift out the real pieces of information being cloaked in fluff. 

Girl Objecting To Meeting Up

The other thing I lastly want to touch on is how I sometime handle a girl not being able to meet up (or not wanting to).

Firstly, there isn’t just 1 way to handle this.

Secondly, there isn’t just 1 way in which I elect to handle this.

Depended on the girl, my mood and other existential circumstances, I decide upon an approach without having to mull over it.

Here’s the screenshot from the brief conversation I had with the girl spoken of above.

How was my reaction?

Was I drilling her about the why nots? Or was I exhibiting total cool in the situation?

Granted there are situations which call for an aggressive approach. But this just wasn’t it…at least not during the initial round of messaging.

In any case, I didn’t question her about why we couldn’t meet up (though she mentioned her child being the reason).

I communicated to her that it was a pressure-free suggestion to come grab a pina colada with me.

Had she just said, “I can’t”, without any supporting reasons, my reaction would’ve been the same: “No pressure. Whenever our timing meets and we’re both free”.

That should’ve been the line taken by the guy written about in the previous article. Instead of actively trying to convince the girl, or question her inability or unwillingness to meet up, he should’ve played it cool, charm her up a bit on a follow-up occasion, and then re-suggest the meet up.

By doing so, you sub-communicate to the girl that you are socially savvy, patient and pre-selected by other women.

Whenever a girl says she can’t or isn’t able to, interpret that in your mind to mean that she isn’t quite at that point of attraction yet, so further work on your part is required on another occasion.

What's your view?

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