I Woke Up To This

I woke up to this this morning.

[Her texts in white. Mines in green]

Okay…so I lied about being asleep 😦

At the end of the day guys; women love womanizers. Not to mention that this chick has a BF, yet is hitting me up at that time of the night to hook up.

Make sure you rock this weeekend!!!!

8 thoughts on “I Woke Up To This

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  1. Hi Kenny A woman on Skype and online communication. Has told me she has fallen for me. After two weeks I flirted with this woman and my words turned very sexual. In fact I think she had a orgasm from just my words. Now she is waiting patiently for me do it again.I expect in their minds you have fucked them before you have met them. Do you like the thought that these women are dripping wet for you.I admit I enjoy doing it to them in their minds.I expect you have found that you have to develop different tactics for each woman.A question that most likely has happened to you before how do you deal with a woman that is in love with you?

    I wonder what you would do if this woman was a 10 in mind and body.My tactic for this woman are very different to my tactics with the woman above.You play the normal game with this woman you will fall flat on your face.
    Like a boxer quick hands and withdraw. Leave this woman thinking of you everyday.Stay in the fight and win her heart. Kenny would you want this woman but most likely to keep her no more being a player. Thanks for your help. Frank


    1. Sure it’s a very powerful thing to fuck a girl in her mind (or the net) before meeting her…and I do it a lot. However, there comes a point where you will have to seal the deal in real life or the girl gets bored and turned off. So, if this is a girl whom you can see/meet; I recommend you do it soon before the girl loses interest. As for keeping a girl, you want to make this decision later on. It is a crazy move to decide to want to be with a woman before you ever met her


      1. Hey I still follow your blog! Time to get active again….but yeah most men expect women to always be emotional but some women are high strung like men and they just want some good sex! She sound like she try to bribe you to come over! Lol


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