From Gilf To Karaoke Joint To College HB: Thursday Night Field Report

After hanging out with the GILF last night @ my apartment, I hit up a karaoke joint after 11 PM.

Last night was extra interesting to say the least…and it was a Thursday.

I bumped into this college girl whom I’d picked up about 2 years ago in another town, but since forgotten about her since I wasn’t able to sleep with her…though she still texts me to death.

I spotted someone who looked like her last night @ the karaoke bar, so I texted her. Needless to say; it was her with a group of girls and guys…leaving the bar.

When it was all said and done, she insisted on ditching the 3 lame dudes who were following her around like lapdogs. 🙂

Anyway, the texts from last night upon spotting her outside the karaoke joint.
[My texts in green. Hers in white]

Her texts in white
[My texts in green] Apparently, she wanted to ditch her group of friends to hang out with me. But she just needed me to hint at it
[My texts in green] Near the bar, I spotted the same group, this time it was the girl with 3 dudes. She texted me to “wait”

Is there a lesson here apart from the inherent message of a field report (that one should go out and garner experience in the field)?

Few lessons actually. And one of the biggest is options.

I speak a lot about having options with women; that is having lots (or a generous amount) of women to choose from.

Last night, I essentially meet up with 3 girls: a chick who flaked me 2 days ago (met at my apartment), the GILF (met @ my apartment) and then this college HB (we hung out near her temporary abode).

I was so overwhelmed that it led to decision paralysis when trying to figure out whom to meet up with first.

Apart from those 2 chicks, the college chick ditching those 3 young chodes to hang out with me, says a lot.

It goes to show how little influence age has in the game.

This chick is 19 (to be 20 this year). Those other young guys who were with her are friendzoned (according to her)- and are also fellow college students.

Yet, this chick decided to ditch them to go hang out with a 34 year old (myself).


Who’s the better party?

Who is more fun: Kenny, or the 3 lads who are parts of her virtual-chaperon group?

Obviously, I’m the better party in the sense that the girl would have a better time in my presence.

Why so?

I flirt, push the envelope and get sexual.

No girl would rather spend her time with platonic male friends when she could be in the company of a guy who brings her a flood of emotions.

On another note, I have lots more Facebook pickup posts for you guys in the coming days.

Happy weekend!


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