What You Don’t Get About Girls Calling You Ugly

Two posts ago, I wrote about a girl on Facebook who called me ugly during our little texting session.

My overall point was that you shouldn’t take this stuff seriously.

I’d simultaneously posted this to Facebook as a status.


I want you to pay attention to the comment by Fenohasina. His take on it was being all defensive, which I warned you about in the other post.


You never want to get all defensive whenever a girl rejects you or calls you ugly.

With that being said, the guy in the screenshot below (Jason) makes a great point.


If a girl truly sees a guy as unattractive or ugly; she won’t say it to the guy!

Women (people in general) are social cowards.

Here’s the thing: a girl will say that you’re ugly as a shit test. She will say that to a guy whom she’s truly attracted to.

That is why I laugh it off whenever a girl calls me ugly. I know she doesn’t mean it.

I know it’s a congruence test.

Keep that in mind for future reference.

7 thoughts on “What You Don’t Get About Girls Calling You Ugly

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  1. Women can be like that. My dad’s second wife called me ugly a couple times (even though I have gotten positive indicators for looks over the years). Also, the wife of a friend said to me “Well, you aren’t that good looking” to me back in the 90’s when I said that I wanted a babe (I was young, and had no confidence back then).

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      1. Well, in my case, I got positive indicators from my looks from girls, but my dad’s wife hated me. So, she would insult me and call me ugly or stupid or lazy.


    1. Oh definitely bruh. It’s very annoying when guys do it. It’s so juvenile and childish. I expect it from women. But the reframe as you said is key. Most guys; foolish ones, reframe it in the negative by taking shit at face value


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