What You Don’t Get About Girls Calling You Ugly

Two posts ago, I wrote about a girl on Facebook who called me ugly during our little texting session.

My overall point was that you shouldn’t take this stuff seriously.

I’d simultaneously posted this to Facebook as a status.


I want you to pay attention to the comment by Fenohasina. His take on it was being all defensive, which I warned you about in the other post.


You never want to get all defensive whenever a girl rejects you or calls you ugly.

With that being said, the guy in the screenshot below (Jason) makes a great point.


If a girl truly sees a guy as unattractive or ugly; she won’t say it to the guy!

Women (people in general) are social cowards.

Here’s the thing: a girl will say that you’re ugly as a shit test. She will say that to a guy whom she’s truly attracted to.

That is why I laugh it off whenever a girl calls me ugly. I know she doesn’t mean it.

I know it’s a congruence test.

Keep that in mind for future reference.

7 thoughts on “What You Don’t Get About Girls Calling You Ugly

  1. Women can be like that. My dad’s second wife called me ugly a couple times (even though I have gotten positive indicators for looks over the years). Also, the wife of a friend said to me “Well, you aren’t that good looking” to me back in the 90’s when I said that I wanted a babe (I was young, and had no confidence back then).

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    • Oh definitely bruh. It’s very annoying when guys do it. It’s so juvenile and childish. I expect it from women. But the reframe as you said is key. Most guys; foolish ones, reframe it in the negative by taking shit at face value


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