Girl I Seen On A Morning News Program Calls Me Ugly. How Do I Handle It?

Every now and then, I get guys ask me, “Kenny, how do you handle girls calling you ugly”?

Essentially, this is a shit test and or congruence test, whenever the girl you’re chatting up calls you ugly, or say anything that would traditionally be deemed a rejection or an IOD (Indicator Of Disinterest).

Few days ago while watching the good-morning news program, there was a segment which featured a sexy girl, a small-business owner, who happens to be a friend of mines…on Facebook only.

I didn’t quite get to see what the segment was about, nor was I privy to the girl’s entrepreneurial ambitions. But at the very tail end of the segment, I noticed that her face’s familiar, included her name.

I browsed my timeline in search of confirmation on whether or not I had the right person.


Her profile pic includes a selfie which was taken on set of the program, along with the hosts of the morning show.

I then messaged the girl.

By all means; this was NOT a pick-up attempt.

I was merely talking shit and making an impression. Not that I wouldn’t try to pick her up. But it just wasn’t the time. I merely wanted to register on the chick’s radar for another time.

Anyway, so I inboxed her. Firstly, I want you to take note of my vibe, and how I wasn’t kissing her ass and giving her the celeb treatment because I seen her on TV.
[My messages in blue]


In the 2nd screenshot (below), I maintained a frame that I am not gawking over her, but merely making an observation that she’s a sexy girl who knows how to have fun.


Wow! Did that hurt or what!?

Of course not!


How did I handle her calling me ugly?

I took it with humor.

Here’s the deal: whenever a girl calls you ugly, particular one whom you’re chatting up, Always agree with her!

Did I make myself clear!?

Always agree with the girl saying you’re ugly!

Doing so will have beaten out her frame, beat her shit test while taking away the play from her all at the same time.

Why is it such a powerful thing to agree with the girl saying you’re ugly, and to take it lightheartedly?

#1 No girl, or any person for that matter, expects you to agree with their assessment of you being ugly. So this totally fucks their frame

#2 You show the girl that you aren’t thin-skinned

More importantly, by agreeing with the girl to whatever her shit test was (in this case: she saying I’m ugly), it shows that you aren’t about to try to defend yourself and get all defensive just because a girl calls you ugly.

It also shows the girl that you aren’t about to qualify and try to prove your worthiness.

What would most guys have done?

Firstly, they would get all butt-hurt and sensitive.

Secondly, they would rebut with something like, “I’m handsome. Lots of girls find me attractive”.

Thirdly, they would throw a tantrum upon feeling rejected, thus cussing the girl out.

It is never a good idea to qualify yourself to a girl!!!

In other words; if she calls you ugly, the worst reaction ever is to try to convince the girl that you’re not ugly!!!

By telling the girl “I appreciate being ugly”, it allowed me to pass her shit test with flying colors.

Moreover, after you pass a shit test, you don’t dwell on it. Move on by changing the subject just as you seen me do.


In any case, I don’t take rejections as rejections.

I take them to mean “not now”, instead of “never”.

Lastly, girls calls me ugly all the time.

In fact; I rarely have girls call me handsome. But it doesn’t affect me 1 bit. 🙂


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