This Little Thing Women Do Ticks Me Off Royally!

Women have no game! I’ve already talked about this on many occasions.

Part of this is indicative of the fact that whenever a girl hits a guy up, she expects the guy to carry the convo…99% of the time she expects this!

Generally, guys don’t mine (having to carry the convo…although most guys are lame at it anyway).

However- and here’s an interesting thing- the more options you accrue with women, the quicker your tolerance level wears thin with the status quo where guy is expected to create, initiate and carry the conversation.

With options of women to choose from: you develop an edge by osmosis.

You tend to become short-patient and easily irritated.

Yesterday, this chick hits me up on Facebook.

She’s been wanting to hook up over the weeks, but my schedule’s just been too demanding with work and play 😉 .

Her messages in gray. Mines in blue.


My annoyance was pretty apparent.

Reason being: she hits me up without anything to say, nothing to contribute to the interaction…yet I’m supposed to lead the convo and do the bulk of the contribution!!?

For what!!!!?

I never contacted her!

Women have become lazy and complacent because of kiss-ass nice guys not requiring them to contribute, that they feel no need to ever contribute much when it comes to conversation.

Guys continually allow women to get a free ride and free pass here, so there’s never a concerted effort in her mind to state her case and be interesting.

Now, I’m not encouraging any of you to consciously become like this [the guy which I’ve become]. I’m merely telling you that you will eventually become that guy as you become super good with attracting women.

Certain princess-royalty shit you just won’t tolerate anymore!

Interestingly enough; it is this attitude from men that women find to be addictively attractive [a guy who snubs them].

What's your view?

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