Detectiving The Detective [Part Deux]

I strongly believe that 70% of picking is strategic, while 75% of the seduction aspect being logistic. Overall, with 90% of the process of both being psychological.

In this post, we’re going to deal with the strategic, which often overlaps into the psychological.

Two posts or so ago, I talked about how I chatted up a girl at a downtown bar on Friday, a chick who turned out to be a detective (undercover). I learned this because she’d pulled out her badge on me.

I concluded that field-report post on a note of optimism, by saying that I hope to see her again on a subsequent weekend at the same downtown venue which she says she frequents.

Well, instead of leaving things entirely to chance, and hoping to bump into her again, why not do some detective work of my own and Facebook her instead?

There was 1 problem though: her name.

“What was her name again”?

We did exchange names (she gave me her 1st and surname), but I’m not at all sure how hers is spelt.

I hit the search field on Facebook and tried spelling her names every which way. I tried for the first 5 minutes to no avail.

I did come across a name combination which was searchable. But there were like 50 matches under that name. So I was left no choice but to click and check each profile to see whether I could find the identifiable face.

After another 5-10 minutes, I came across a face which resembles the girl.

“It is her”!!!

I searched through some of her photos and hit the “about” section on her profile just for confirmation.


I then hit her up and the following conversation ensued.





Now, there are bound to be guys going, “But Kenny, that was desperate”!

Or, “But Kenny, wouldn’t the girl think you’re desperate thus reject you”!?

Did she reject me, or did we have a non-awkward chitchat?

The answer is pretty clear on that one.

In spite of the way I went about contacting her, I didn’t give off a desperation vibe.

It isn’t the mean by which you find the girl which indicates desperation. It is the vibe you subsequently give off upon locating her.

I can’t begin to count on my fingers the amount of times I met girls on Facebook whom I’d chatted to on a prior occasion, but didn’t get the chance to secure the number, but just their names. Those girls I would go on to f-close.

Hence, it isn’t about the means, but your vibe ultimately. Are you giving off a desperate vibe or cool vibe?

On that note, I will keep you guys updated as this progresses.

We’ve become somewhat good chums, commenting back and forth on each other’s FB statuses. And when I say “chum”, by no means do I mean “chummy” as platonic friends.

By now, you should know that I don’t do the friend things…AT ALL!

In conclusion, I just wanted to show you guys the extent to which I go just for a lay that I find to be worth it.

I have a mean fetish for fucking girls in uniform and those of authority: such as cops, security, cougars, female entrepreneurs and business owners, and female bosses.

I’ve achieved to tick off every-single girl on the list above of women I slept with, but yet to lay a cop to date. So I have a lot riding on such a lay.

In any case; feel free to leave your feedback guys.

Would you say this is desperate?

Would you go to this extent: look up a girl on Facebook?

BTW, you can read part 1 at the link below, where I’d initially met her at the bar.

4 thoughts on “Detectiving The Detective [Part Deux]

Add yours

    1. From other PUA’s who’ve been in the game longer than I have…like the gurus: Mystery, Tyler, Mehow, etc. But basically, I learned from reading their articles, field reports and books


  1. Hi Kenny

    Has it ever happened to you that, most of the times you find yourself attracting women you have absolutely no interest in dating & sleeping with, but at the same time women whom you really like to date have 0 interest in you. It happens to so many us men, what do you think is the cause of this, can you please write about this topic in your blog. Thanks


    1. Nice suggestion Kelvin. Interesting topic to say the least. It does happen to me also. The thing is though; you can’t control that (who’s attracted to you). But you can control whom you attract and pursue. I’ll write about it. Just give me a reminder


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